One Creepy Menu for Your Halloween Party

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What to Eat at a Halloween Party for Grown-Ups

If you want your Halloween party to be a rousing success, go for a rich, ‘creepy’ menu and be strict with the dress code: no one should be allowed without a spooky costume.

After you become an adult, a successful party is one with plenty of food, many drinks, a lot of talk & laughter, and a white night. When was the last time you partied without sleeping until dawn? OK, don’t answer. We’re in the same boat.

So, now that we’re grown-ups, we have jobs, we can’t miss nights, and we need to sleep more. But we also need to feel young, beautiful, and joyful no matter our age. And, to do that, we should throw a party every once in a while. That’s why holidays were invented. So, let’s make a plan: this year, you’ll either organize a party or at least you’ll go to one of your friends’ parties.

If you decide to throw a Halloween party – which we think you should do – use some of these ideas for your menu.

Foods and drinks for a Halloween party


I think the more starters, the better the party. That’s why we chose more starters than other dishes. Here are some ideas, but you can also choose regular snacks and ‘hide’ them among the scary starters on the table.

Mummy Brie

Surprise your guests for this years’ Halloween and make them this delicious mummy brie! It is wrapped in puff pastry and topped with pepperoni and olives to make it look even more real. You can easily prepare it in advance and bake it the moment your guests arrive!

Fig, Prosciutto and Cheese Sandwiches

Bruschetta and sandwiches are always successful at any party. So, make more of them, and try to decorate them in the scariest way you can. Still, regular sandwiches will also do the job. How about this fig, prosciutto, and cheese sandwich? It also has mustard, arugula, and fig jam.

Halloween Fake Pumpkin

How about making your own Halloween pumpkin in no time? Mix together cream cheese and spices, all put in a plastic wrap! Your guests can spread it on toast or dip some nachos in it.

Flatbread Pizza Mummy

We made a big flatbread pizza mummy, but you can also cut the flatbread into small crusts to serve mini-mummies as a starter. Don’t worry, these mummies will not try to curse you or steal your soul. The only thing they will hurt is probably your friend’s diet. They’re also easy to make and ready quite quickly.

Roast Pumpkin Fondue

You’ve got to love this slightly new interpretation of classic Swiss fondue. Stuff the baked pumpkin with the 5 types of cheese and bake it again to get a really rich and deliciously cheesy piece of work. The aromas of melted cheese and baked pumpkin go hand in hand to offer you a creamy and fabulous experience.

Halloween Quesadillas

These Jack-o-Lantern inspired quesadillas are the perfect starter for your Halloween party. With a crispy outer layer and bursting with melted Cheddar, they’re bound to be tried and enjoyed by everyone who will be lucky enough to enter your home.

Main dish

As a main dish, we suggest you only make one thing: a pie. Unless you’ve also invited vegetarians to your Halloween party. In this case, you should cook something for them, too.

Easy To Make Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a meat pie with a mashed potato crust. This pie usually uses beef or lamb meat, and the veggies vary from recipe to recipe. Sometimes, it’s even topped with some shredded cheese.

Beef and Veggie Pie

This cheesy beef and veggie pie is full of layered flavors and textures that go so well together. It takes some time to make, but it’s totally worth it!

Ricotta and Spinach Lattice Pie

For your vegetarian guests, the best option is a ricotta and spinach pie. Make a nice lattice crust on top, to impress them even more. It’s simply delicious.


How can a party go well without an excellent dessert? And how can a Halloween party go well without scary, disgusting-looking, yet tasty sweets?

Devil’s Cupcakes

Embrace your dark side this Halloween by making these terrifying cupcakes! Making them is quite easy and they’re going to be a hit for your Halloween party. And who knows, you might make them for other occasions as well.

Bloody Brain

An edible human brain? It might not seem like the most appetizing dish. But remember, it’s Halloween! This “brain” is actually a soft, delicate cake topped with buttercream and marzipan. Making it is way easier than it looks, all you need to do is have a little patience and imagination. And we bet you do!

Monster Teeth Cookies

These scary-looking monster teeth cookies might seem like something that bites back, but they’re actually as sweet as honey. They’re made with cream cheese, marshmallows, and cookies.

You can also play a lot with Oreo cookies and make this, this or this with them, using just a pinch of imagination!


We said it’s a grown-up Halloween party, right? Then, you need some drinks too!

Autumn Punch

Did the word ‘drinks’ instantly make you think about alcohol? Yeah, the same thing happened for us. But you should also think of an option or two for designated drivers and teetotalers. You can make this autumn punch, which is a little spicy thanks to the ginger ale, or make this vegan eggnog.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail that has a few basic ingredients like vodka and tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Add it to your menu this Halloween! It’s best when served ice cold and people say it’s the best cure for hangovers.


If your Bloody Mary is not to everyone’s tastes, make this Michelada – a ‘bloodylicious’ spicy beer drink, light and refreshing at the same time. Its main ingredients are Mexican beer, tequila, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato juice.

If you want to get inspired for more drinks, check out our Drinks page.

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