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How to Make Garlic Butter

Butter gives your food an unmistakable flavor. If you have some garlic butter on top of your dishes, you don’t need much else in the way of layers of flavor. Your job in the kitchen is almost done. Learn how to make garlic butter and your job in the kitchen will instantly be simpler.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and want a simple but far from bland breakfast. And you remember that you have some garlic butter in the fridge. You spread it on toast, eat it, brush your teeth vigorously after and you’re on your way to a perfect day.

But first you have to make the garlic butter, right? The good news it’s that learning how to make garlic butter is one of the simplest things ever. And it’s also a very versatile spread. You can use it on toast, as I’ve previously mentioned (My mouth is watering as we speak), but you can also brush it on steaks, fish, seafood, corn on the cobb, even vegetables you roast. The possibilities are endless.

How to make garlic butter in 7 easy steps

1. Gather your ingredients

You will need some butter. Let’s say one whole pack, because who can have enough of garlic and butter? Not me. Next up, a few garlic cloves. Add to that a bit of seasoning, like salt and pepper, or even some fresh herbs (chives, parsley, thyme, basil or rosemary), if you so desire.

2. Let the butter soften

Take the butter out from the fridge and let it on the counter to soften a bit. Add it to a bowl when it’s ready.

3. Crush the garlic

It’s easy if you know how! You can make it have the consistency of your dreams. If you want the garlic butter to be smoother, mince it as tiny as possible. Or you can use garlic powder if you don’t want to feel the garlic chunks in the butter.

4. Blend butter and garlic

Add the garlic to the bowl and blend the two together. Taste and see if it’s “garlic-y” enough. If not, add some more garlic, as much as you would like.

5. Season

Sprinkle some salt and pepper in the bowl, over the garlic butter.

6. Optionally, add herbs

Experiment with fresh or dried herbs at your leisure. You can also add a bit of lemon juice or olive oil if you’re looking for a different consistency of the butter.

7. Serve or store

After you’ve made the garlic butter, use it immediately in cooking, as a spread, or store it in the fridge. Don’t forget it on the counter, or it will spoil. And that would be a sad day!

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