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Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Next time you get your hands on some apricots, maybe turn them into ice cream. Apart from the time your apricot ice cream mixture needs to spend in the freezer, preparing it is a 10-minute job. You mix, you, wait, and then you eat and enjoy.

Grilled squid stuffed with feta cheese

Grilled Squid Stuffed With Feta Cheese

Let’s bring Greece onto your plates once more, this time with the help of stuffed squids cooked in the grill pan. And what filling suits them better than feta cheese? Mix it with cherry tomatoes and red pepper, then quickly prepare a parsley vinaigrette to serve the squids with, and eureka!

Watermelon and mint lemonade

Watermelon and Mint Lemonade

Summer is with us again and here you have one of our solutions to the scorching heat. Not to mention it is tasty and energizing. Just upgrade your plain-jane lemonade with orange and watermelon. And we’re talking about a lot of watermelon juice. And there you have your upgraded lemonade, or should we say melonade?

Safe sex on the beach (mocktail)

Safe Sex on the Beach (Mocktail)

There are a lot of variations to the glorious Sex on the Beach cocktail. And this mocktail of ours hits the same spot. So, it has zero alcohol and brings together the sweet ‘n mildly sour taste of orange juice, lime, and strawberry with lavender aroma and sweet grenadine. It’s totally safe! Just pay attention to the sand…

Vegan pasta with garlic and wild garlic sauce

Vegan Pasta With Garlic and Wild Garlic Sauce

It’s not the first time (or the last) when we accomplish two goals in one shot. That is because although this pasta dish is purely vegan it can also be served as a side to any meat-eater out there. Anyway, vegan or not, you have to try this sauce.

Salmon Skewers with Vegetables

Salmon Skewers With Vegetables

This time prepare again your skewers! And the oven. You’ll bake cubed salmon together with crunchy green peppers, red onion, and juicy cherry tomatoes. But before that, you’ll coat everything with a wonderful sauce. It’s easy! You can also go out in the open and grill these babies. Your choice.

Baked Salmon with Mashed Beet and Corn

Baked Salmon With Mashed Beet and Corn

Why not make your next salmon fillet more interesting by making it buttery, flavoring it with rosemary, and pairing it with a beetroot sauce? You can serve it with mint-flavored sweet corn. And why wait?

Sweet cereal bars with nuts, seeds, and honey

Sweet Cereal Bars With Nuts, Seeds, and Honey

This is pure energy. You need these bars not only as an energy boost for when you engage in strenuous physical activity but your brain will also thank you for these goodies. It’s 5 minutes of mixing the ingredients and half an hour of waiting for them to cook.

Quick quesadilla recipe with tuna and sweet corn

Quick Quesadilla Recipe With Canned Tuna and Sweet Corn

Nobody really knows when were the first quesadillas prepared. However, we can be pretty sure that they are an old tradition. Now, other than cheese (queso in Spanish) we are filling ours with a mixture of tuna, sweet corn, onion, bell pepper, and olives. Not to mention the yogurt and mustard sauce, the spices, and the lemon juice. Serve them warm!

Broccoli and Cauliflower Cream Soup

Broccoli and Cauliflower Cream Soup

Or smoothness in a soup bowl, if you want. And on top of the broccoli and cauliflower, we brought into the mixture one potato and some celery boiled everything in vegetable stock and didn’t forget to spice the whole thing. It’s vegan, it’s smooth, and it’s for you.

Sweet and White Potato Stew

Sweet and White Potato Stew

Potato stew. Who wouldn’t love it? But next time when you are up for some, try using sweet potatoes along with the white ones. They will clearly bring something new to the stew! And in order to flavor it further, add leek, beef stock, tomato paste, and herbs.

Spinach Cream Soup

Spinach Cream Soup

This smooth spinach cream soup may be the entree for your next lunch. Make it really creamy by adding heavy cream and butter into the mixture. It’s vegetarian, it’s nutritious, and it’s ready in just about 20-25 minutes.

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