Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Easier Apricot Ice Cream

Next time you get your hands on some apricots, maybe turn them into ice cream. Apart from the time your apricot ice cream mixture needs to spend in the freezer, preparing it is a 10-minute job. You mix, you, wait, and then you eat and enjoy.

Watermelon and mint lemonade

Watermelon and Mint Lemonade

Summer is with us again and here you have one of our solutions to the scorching heat. Not to mention it is tasty and energizing. Just upgrade your plain-jane lemonade with orange and watermelon. And we’re talking about a lot of watermelon juice. And there you have your upgraded lemonade, or should we say melonade?

Safe sex on the beach (mocktail)

Safe Sex on the Beach (Mocktail)

There are a lot of variations to the glorious Sex on the Beach cocktail. And this mocktail of ours hits the same spot. So, it has zero alcohol and brings together the sweet ‘n mildly sour taste of orange juice, lime, and strawberry with lavender aroma and sweet grenadine. It’s totally safe! Just pay attention to the sand…

Kinder Bueno Frappé

Kinder Bueno Frappé

Story goes it was a Greek who created the first frappe, naming it with a French word, and mixing together instant coffee, sugar, milk, and ice. But why stop here? Enter liquid cream, sugar syrup, cream, and any topping and bars you can think of!

Sweet cereal bars with nuts, seeds, and honey

Sweet Cereal Bars With Nuts, Seeds, and Honey

This is pure energy. You need these bars not only as an energy boost for when you engage in strenuous physical activity but your brain will also thank you for these goodies. It’s 5 minutes of mixing the ingredients and half an hour of waiting for them to cook.

Green Smoothie with Almond Milk

Green Smoothie With Almond Milk

Good morning! For your next healthy green smoothie try combining kale, celery, and baby spinach. Puree these together with almond milk, sweeten with honey, and serve drizzled with sesame seeds.

Cucumber Walnut Cheese

Cucumber Walnut Cheesecake

What if we used cucumber for our cheesecake? It’s refreshing, it has a mild taste, so why not? Other than that, we’ll use for our no-bake, the usual digestive cookies, ground walnuts, cream cheese, sugar, and honey. Let’s spike it a bit with lemon juice and, voila! It’s incredible!

Coconut Walnut Crumbs with Forest Fruits and Whipped Cream 1024 x768

Coconut Walnut Crumbs With Forest Fruits and Whipped Cream

If you are like us, you just can’t wait for Christmas. It’s not only about Santa, the gifts, and the joy. It’s the food, too, that makes this holiday so unique. Take these walnut crumbs with forest fruits and whipped cream, for example. They are all crunchy, juicy, and creamy, at the same time! We’re pretty sure you’ll not save this only for the Christmas meal.

No-Bake Chestnut Cake with Sea Buckthorn Syrup

No-Bake Chestnut Cake With Sea Buckthorn Syrup

Next time when you get chestnuts, don’t just simply throw them on a baking tray and roast them. Instead, peel them, boil them, and mash them. This way, you’ll have, together with sea buckthorn berries and walnuts, the main ingredients for an incredible no-bake cake.

Chinese Steamed Egg

Chinese Steamed Egg

In order to prepare this traditional Chinese dish, you’ll need a bamboo steamer and Chinese serving cups. We’ll keep this delicate dessert simple (there are also savory versions) and enhance its velvety texture with whipping cream and milk. Sweeten with sugar and serve them topped with caramelized brown sugar.

No-Bake Double Chocolate Bars

No-Bake Double Chocolate Bars

These chocolatey bars my very well be your next dessert. And why wouldn’t they be: on a base of buttery mildly crunchy crushed cookies, we added a milky double chocolate mixture that is meant to make your life more beautiful.

Apple, Oat, and Raisin Silver Dollar Pancakes

Apple, Oat, and Raisin Silver Dollar Pancakes

People started eating silver dollar pancakes in the 19th century. It’s no problem if you make yours slightly larger than the original silver dollar. We did and we’ve decided to upgrade them with apple, raisins, and oat flakes. You can serve them with maple syrup or any other syrup of your choosing.

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