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Salmon Skewers with Vegetables

Salmon Skewers With Vegetables

This time prepare again your skewers! And the oven. You’ll bake cubed salmon together with crunchy green peppers, red onion, and juicy cherry tomatoes. But before that, you’ll coat everything with a wonderful sauce. It’s easy! You can also go out in the open and grill these babies. Your choice.

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Sesame Pork Open Sandwiches

Sesame Pork Open Sandwiches

Making sandwiches is an art in itself. Here’s only one example. We coated these open sandwiches with a creamy mixture made with pork tenderloin, egg, spring onion, and chili, all mashed together and spiced. All this needed a matching topping, so the sesame seeds (white & black) won the contest.

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Coffee Granola

Coffee Granola

Good Morning! How do you eat your granola? We ask you because we combined ours with ground coffee, flaxseeds, and rice syrup. Not to mention the almond butter, walnuts, and dates. The result? A mildly sweet nutty and energizing trail mix-like experience.

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