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Celery Root and Ricotta Muffins

If you’re looking for new and interesting recipes for savory muffins, try this one – you won’t be sorry, we promise. Celery root is the main ingredient here, and it is paired with ricotta, chia and flax seeds to make these delicious muffins. Another secret to their delicious flavor is the welcomed addition of herbs like basil and thyme.

Corn Flake Muffins

Corn flakes are probably one of our favorite ways to start the day! But did you know you can use them as the main ingredient for muffins? If you’re their number one fan, it would be a shame not to try this recipe. Plus, they’re even tastier with a drizzle of maple syrup on top!

Cheesy Potato and Chorizo Muffins

Chorizo, salami, mozzarella and potatoes! You can never go wrong with that combination, and this recipe really knows how to make each ingredient shine. Not only are these muffins delicious, but they are a true feast for they eyes as well. And they make for a fabulous starter!

Coconut Toast With Bananas and Maple Syrup

Want to treat your kids to a wonderful breakfast? Say no more! Just follow our recipe and nothing can go wrong! First, coat some bread slices with egg, milk and some refreshing coconut flakes. Cook them in butter, and top them with bananas, maple syrup and whatever toppings you prefer. It’s an awesome combination, both pleasant to the eye and taste buds!

Cheese Bread Omelet

Adding some bread in your omelet may seem a bit weird, but, in fact, it’s a good strategy to make it more satisfying. Pair the bread with cheese, chickpeas and cherry tomatoes for a complete breakfast experience.

Cheese and Veggie Roll Casserole

Take a look at this easy cheese and veggie roll casserole. Doesn’t it look nice? So colorful and inspiring! And it’s tasty too – those vegetables rolls are bound together by lots of melting mozzarella, and lined on a bed of puff pastry. You don’t need much to make it at home, so go ahead!

Chorizo and Arugula Sandwich

A good, healthy sandwich should be nourishing, but also full of flavors. This chorizo and arugula sandwich checks off all the boxes! And it has everything you may want from a snack: cream cheese, gorgonzola, some meat, fresh herbs and mayo as the sauce that ties the flavors together.

Beet and Mayonnaise Baguette Hot Dog

Beet and Mayonnaise Baguette Hot Dog

Ok, who hasn’t eaten a hot dog? They’re a simple and tasty street food, but what if you try it with a fresh and crunchy-crusted demi-baguette instead of the usual hot dog bun? Also serve it not only with mustard but with your own beet, onion, bell pepper, and mayo mixture. Much tastier, isn’t it? We thought so.

Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

Let’s put together some home-made street food (pun intended). Make your own hot dog, only this time use a demi-baguette. Also add a hot and deliciously sour mildly crunchy mixture of red cabbage, pickle, chili, and whole grain mustard.

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