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Donut Mini Pizza

Donut Mini Pizza

Pizzas will be pizzas. Even if we gave them some other shape. However, these ones are more suitable for serving them at a social gathering as they look so funny and are already portioned. So, share them with your friends.

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Cheesy French Fry Pizza with Salami

Cheesy French Fry Pizza With Salami

Next time when you make your own pizza try this gluten-free version. Make the crust from French fries and increase the cheesiness factor by adding parmesan, Emmental, and mozzarella. And don’t forget the salami and tomato sauce, because it’s a pizza after all. Of course, there are some preparations you have to make but it’s worth the while.

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Pizza Toast

Pizza Toast

What is pizza toast? Is it an upgraded toast? Is it a hybrid between the plain toast and the pizza? Is it a mini pizza, actually? Is it all these things? Enough with philosophy! Spare 30 minutes of your time and then gobble these up.

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Braised Marinated Rabbit

Braised Marinated Rabbit

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you eat meat, you should eat rabbit meat more often. It’s lean, it’s healthy and it’s pretty easy to cook. We’ve marinated ours before braising it and we used for that ginger, turmeric, beer, and chili among others. You should, too.

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Roasted Duck with Figs

Roasted Duck With Figs

We don’t eat duck often enough and we should. So why don’t we do some braising this time? First by roasting the duck meat for 20 minutes at high temperature, then by searing it and, finally, by cooking it for 90 minutes over low heat. Then let’s serve it along with the veggies and a few raw figs.

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