Trendy Food: What Are People Into, According to Google?

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What kind of food is in right now? The Google Food Trends report shows some surprising results when it comes to Americans’ online searches. Read on if you want to keep up with trendy food and maybe integrate it into your diet, read on!

Cheese curds and turmeric. These are some of the most popular food Google searches in the United States, recently. It would seem that Americans have some strange and brand new diet preferences. In fact, trendy food right now tends to be a callback to centuries past. According to the Google Food Trends Report, oats, cheese curds, and sourdough bread are very in right now.

Trendy foods, what are people searching according to Google?
Turmeric was one of the most Google-searched food items

Trendy food: a blast from the past

To eat more mindfully and keep up with a healthy diet, Americans want to find out more about old food. Bundt cakes, something maybe your grandmother used to make for you, is very much en vogue right now.

But the preferences are somewhat opposites. The trend charts show that people love carbs but also fear them. They’re interested in culinary archeology in a way, but also in nontraditional recipes.

According to the report, people are also trying to shed their old fast food ways and embrace a healthier lifestyle. They are searching for the health food stores, trying to figure out if almond milk is right for them, or attempting to cook lobster tail.

Trendy food: What are people searching for, according to Google? Funfetti, it seems
Funfetti biscuits were all the rage the past months

Obscure ingredients and what to do with them

With the development of the internet, it’s way easier for people to find out about niche ingredients which they try to integrate into their diet. A prime example of that is turmeric, a condiment that’s become all the rage lately and which a lot of people are trying to figure out. According to the report, “Americans are trying to understand how to consume turmeric,” and they look for videos on YouTube and search for recipes on Google, especially on Mondays.

Food Greatest Hits on Google

On weekends, people want to cook pork and try to understand what to do with pho, a Vietnamese type of noodle soup. Speaking of that, pho is the champion this season when it comes to searches. Overnight oats, bitter melon, cheese curds, pork shoulder, smash cake, and gender reveal cake are right behind it on the list. These last two are not healthy, but they are very trendy. Smash cake is a dessert made for toddlers so they can break it with their hands. And gender reveal cake is made for expecting parents, as a more festive way of finding out the sex of their baby.

Trendy food: What are people searching for, according to Google? Pho soup is in
Vietnamese pho soup is gaining traction in America

Which foods are still rising steadily in food preferences? It’s all about ramen, rigatoni, bibimbap (a signature Korean dish), linguine, empanada, uncured bacon, and Bundt cakes.

Turmeric, jackfruit, cauliflower rice, sourdough bread, funfetti (sprinkles), and vegan donuts are some of the newbie trendy foods.

On the other hand, some foods seem to be on their way out. Gluten-free cupcakes and wheat-free bread have lost their luster and popularity among the internet crowd.

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