Beauty and Coconut Oil: A Match Made in Heaven

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You’re probably using coconut oil in the kitchen after you found out how healthy it is to cook with it. But did you know that beauty and coconut oil also go together like salt and pepper? Let us teach you!

Take the coconut oil jar from the kitchen shelf and let’s put it to good use. Because beauty and coconut oil are one hell of a combo, one you should take as much advantage of as possible. It can replace a lot of the cosmetics in your bathroom but in a natural, safe way!

Beauty and Coconut oil: 7 Tips for a Glowing New You!

1. Shiny hair tresses

When you’re in the shower, melt your coconut oil under the flow of warm water. After using your regular shampoo, apply a generous amount of oil to your locks and then twist them into a bun. Let your hair absorb the oil for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off! Your mane will be more hydrated and shinier!

2. Smooth, perfumed body

When it’s solid, oil has a creamy texture which is perfect for your whole body. Apply some on your skin right after you leave the shower. It’s essential that your skin is still warm and moist. If you want a massage, you can mix in some peppermint or lavender oil. The incredible smell will relax you to sleep.

Beauty and Coconut Oil: A Match Made in Heaven
The coconut oil takes care of your whole body so that you can relax on your own

3. Sensual lips

You can use the coconut oil as a lip balm as well. If you have a tiny tin or a spare contact lens holder, scoop some coconut oil and take it with you everywhere. Say goodbye to chapped lips in the process, because coconut oil is ultra-super hydrating.

4. Bygone dry cuticles!

Use some of the oil on your dry cuticles and allow it to hydrate the area. The oil will also strengthen your nails. You can do this twice a week and witness the results!

5. No more dark circles

Never sleeping beauty and coconut oil is a good combo. If you’re not getting enough sleep and have dark undereye circles, you can use the same miracle ingredient for instant rejuvenation! First, warm a little bit of coconut oil between your fingers, and then pat it gently under your eyes!

Beauty and Coconut Oil: A Match Made in Heaven
Do not waste one drop of your coconut oil

6. Remove makeup

Just liquefy the oil under some warm water and then use it on your face. A teaspoon of it will make the makeup separate from the skin. Rinse your face with plenty of water.

7. No more frizz!

Warm up the oil – use as much as you need depending on the length and volume of your hair, but no more than one tablespoon, because it can grease up your hair. Then apply it to your locks, closer to the ends. If your hair is thick, you can apply the oil to the whole length of your tresses, but avoid the scalp!

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