No Tricks, Just Treats: 10 Spooky Instagram Halloween Desserts

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Halloween desserts are always so creative, fearless, and sometimes scary. They take our fears of the dark side and transform them into something new that we all would enjoy eating after a great dinner. Here are some of the best examples of this phenomenon. 

Is October my favorite month of the year? It might just be. As a fan of horror movies ever since very early childhood (yeah, I’m a weirdo), I tend to gravitate towards the spooky and the supernatural. I like vampires, werewolves, ghost, ghouls, and most of all witches. So I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the decorations around, and seeing the creativity and whimsy of fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

Maybe there isn’t a better place to see this than in the dessert section of Instagram, where everyone is unleashing their creativity to make things that look quite scary, but are also incredibly sweet. I enjoy the contrast, you see. Making something realistic, that gives you goosebumps, but also doing it with sugar and a sense of humor.

That’s why it was so much fun to browse the photo-sharing app for these amazing desserts made by amazing bakers from all over the world. And I am ready to share the sense of wonder with you!

10 creative Halloween desserts

1. Franken-Krispies

Rice Krispy treats have never looked this good! When taking the shape of Frankenstein’s monster, a famously misunderstood creature, they have such a personality and become so much more endearing. We like the ghosts in the back of the photo, too, named the Ghoul Brownies. This baker gets brownie points from us!

2. Halloween Skeleton OMG Cake

The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably one of the most beloved Halloween movies ever. What a paradox, right? I have to say, Jack Skellington, the hero of the movie is greater than Santa Claus every day of the week! And what a lovely surprise to find his kind face on top of a delicious-looking cake.

3. Witch Hats

This makes me think of Harry Potter and the famous Sorting Hat that decided if you’re a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Me? I’m a Gryffindor every day, but if I got to taste these really great cookies, I would probably be persuaded to go whichever Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat decided. I would not even put up a fight.

4. Halloween gift crate

Full disclosure: I binge-watched The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix this past weekend and I have to say, her sweet but also spooky designs have won my heart for good. I particularly loved this gift crate, filled with candied apples with teeth, cookies with eyes and the hot chocolate mix jars with chocolate horns on top that are perfect for stirring your October hot beverage.

5. Witch Cake

As we know, Halloween season is also the Season of the Witch. As someone who enjoys all things witchy, I loved finding this great cake that looks like a creepy graveyard. Knowing that it was made for a 75-year old grandma’s birthday just makes the whole experience even funner.

6. Scream cookies

Do you like scary movies? I instantly thought of this iconic line from the Scream movie franchise when I saw these cookies. Of course, they resemble the mask the killers wore in all four movies perfectly.

7. Black Forest Coffin Cake

I know I like Black Forest cake and I know I love spookiness. This cake marries them to perfection. It seems like a serving of that might wake up the dead and make them knock on your window, asking for their dessert! It’s simple, yet so effective!

8. Adorable monster cakes

I love it how children always see monsters in a cute and whimsical light. Look at these cakes made by the poster with their niece and nephew. They are so colorful and silly, it just goes to show children are fearless and their imaginations light up the world!

9. Eyeball chocolates

I knew that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if your dessert is staring at you? These treats made with salted caramel are pretty realistic looking, but I am guessing they’re also finger licking good!

10. Brainy cupcakes

Warning! Don’t bake these during a zombie apocalypse, or you’ll be overrun with the walking dead demanding brains! These lovely cupcakes look like they pack a lot of grey matter, but in fact they’re made with strawberry jam and almond buttercream on top. Sounds really delicious!

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