How to Make Pancakes

A nice stack of perfectly cooked pancakes is something we all need every now and again. They’re easily customizable and melt away in your mouth. If you’ve never made them, then this is a good place to start. Here’s how to make pancakes in a fast and fun way.

Pancakes are a wonderful breakfast and actually easy to make. To me, they’re perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning meal, with a cup of coffee or tea and your favorite toppings. The possibilities when it comes to pancakes or flapjacks are endless! You can serve them with yogurt or heavy cream, jam, honey, maple syrup, nuts, or fresh fruit. The power to choose is yours!

But before you start planning your toppings or even fillings, it’s important to get the basics right! So here are the basic steps for how to make pancakes. Follow them and then experiment!

10 steps on how to make pancakes

1. Mix the dry ingredients

Mix together the 1 cup of flour, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, and some salt in a bowl. If you want to add some special flavors to the mix, you can try cinnamon, nutmeg or chopped nuts!

Use fresh baking powder to get the fluffiness of the pancake just right! If it’s older than 6 months, throw it away. How do you find out if it’s fresh enough? Add a little bit of water to it: if it fizzes and bubbles with energy, then you’re good to go.

2. Mix the wet ingredients

First, whisk 1 egg. Then whisk in it the 1 cup of milk and 3 tablespoons of melted butter. You get the most flavor from whole milk and whole butter, but if you’re on a diet you can substitute them with some low-fat milk and oil.

You can also try some vanilla, almond, or rum extract in your wet ingredients, in order to make the flavor pop!

3. Mix the dry and the wet ingredients together

Pour the wet ingredients in the bowl of dry ingredients. Stir everything until everything is blended in. You don’t have to smooth out all the lumps, but make sure there are no pockets of dry flour left on the bottom of the bowl.

Don’t over stir the batter, because you might lose the fluffiness.

4. Heat the oil

Use just a little bit of oil and heat it in a cast iron skillet or a non-stick pan. This should not take more than 5 minutes. Did you forget to look at the clock and don’t know how much time has passed? Add a drop of the pancake batter in the skillet. If it starts to sizzle on the edges, you’re ready!

5. Add batter to the skillet

Use a small ladle to portion the batter in the skillet. Gently spread it in the skillet in a circular shape. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect!

You can use the first couple of pancakes as test subjects for the heat in the skillet.

6. Let the pancakes cook

Don’t fuss around the pancakes in the pan. Let them cook untouched for about 2 minutes on low heat. Or until the surface of the batter starts to bubble.

7. Flip!

This is an important step. When do you flip the pancakes? Look at the surface of the batter. If the bubbles pop and are filled with more batter, wait a bit more. You should flip the pancake when the bubbles pop and form holes that stay open on the surface.

Use a spatula to gently flip the pancake to the other side.

8. Cook on the second side

Let it cook for a couple of minutes or until it turns golden brown.

9. Remove from the skillet. (And enjoy!)

You should be able to cook 2-3 pancakes at a time. It depends on the size of your skillet. And make sure you have plenty of space between them so that the heat is evenly distributed.

But if you are a beginner you can start slow, with just one you keep an eye on.

Repeat the process until you’ve finished the batter. Add a bit more oil if you need it!

10. Sprinkle your toppings

This is the point when you can add your favorite toppings to the pancakes. You can choose chocolate chips, sliced fruit like bananas or some healthy raw nuts.

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