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Is there anything more refreshing in the hot days of summer than a pitcher of cold, refreshing lemonade? I think not! It’s also a simple drink that can sometimes seem more complicated to make. But here’s how to make lemonade, easily and – dare I say it? – in a fun way.

I don’t know what your story is with lemonade, but the first times I’ve tried to cook some up, I came up with bad results. Mostly, because it ended up very diluted and at the time, many many years ago, I wasn’t so prone to google as I figured that I had all the answers myself. But if I – finally, after trial and error – learned how to make lemonade by myself, it doesn’t have to be such a rollercoaster for you. In fact, it’s pretty simple. It will never turn out as glorious as Beyoncé’s album, but few things (if any) in life are, frankly.

The key here is maybe don’t go for the lemonade concentrate because frankly, you never know exactly what’s in it and how good it is for your health. Sure, you can make lemonade with the help of syrup (sugar and water blended in a saucepan over heat), but let’s face it, sugar is sort of evil for your health and we should try to sidestep it altogether.

How to make lemonade in 6 easy steps

1. Gather your ingredients

You will need some lemons, some water, and sugar, stevia, or honey. And maybe add some ice to the mix, too. I will talk about how to make a sugar-free lemonade this time. We will sweeten it with honey, but you can also try agave syrup or stevia. The ratio you’re looking for is about 1 cup of lemon juice to 5 cups of water. You will need to squeeze about 7-8 lemons to get that. But save an extra lemon for the visual aspect.

As for equipment, you’ll need a measuring cup, a knife, a cutting board, a juicer, and a pitcher for the final product.

2. Roll the lemons to release its juice easier and then cut them

If you want the lemons to release the juices in a simpler way, then roll them a little on the cutting board and press them down while you do. This will simplify the squeezing process. Then cut the lemons in half on the cutting board.

3. Squeeze the lemon

You can use an electric juicer or a citrus reamer, whatever you have handy. Just squeeze all of the lemons. Now, if you like the lemonade without pulp, there’s an optional step you can take: strain the lemon juice.

4. Mix with water

Thoroughly mix the lemon juice with the water until blended evenly.

5. Add sweetener to taste

Start off with a teaspoon of honey (or whatever alternative sweetener you picked) added to the pitcher. Taste and just sweeten it as much as you like.

6. Add slices of lemon

This is for an extra flavor, but mostly for the happiness of seeing lemon slices in your pitcher. Slice the remaining lemon and add the slices to the pitcher.

There are so many optional things you can add to your lemonade to break out a stronger, more textured flavor out of the cool drink. Like fresh herbs: mint, basil, or rosemary. You can even throw in some lavender for an intriguing flavor and strong visual impact. Or you can alter the very makeup of the lemonade by substituting some of the lemon juice with lime juice. You can use sparkling water instead of still water.

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