How to Lose Weight Without Trying Too Hard

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Forget about all the complicated diets, calorie counting, and exhausting gym schedules. With just a few simple steps, you can lose weight without trying too hard.

We know: life these days is complicated, hectic, and full of tough choices. There is little to no time for counting calories or doing a reasonable amount of research. But that lifestyle is taking its toll and you have some extra pounds. Wondering how to lose weight without too much effort? It’s possible!

If you’re anything like me, you are not into diets very much. But still, you feel like you could lose a couple of pounds. That is why I tried to find some easy tips and tricks for us lazy dieters, so you don’t put too much effort into losing weight.

Simple tips if you’re wondering how to lose weight

1. Don’t let the hunger take over

Plan your meals in a way that will never leave you starving. We tend to make the worst diet decisions when hunger knocks at our door. Don’t let it in! Of course, this takes a few days of experimenting with the main meals of the day. See how long it takes for you to feel hungry after breakfast or lunch. And prepare for that with some healthy snacks.

How to Lose Weight without Trying Too Hard
Apple slices are a healthy snack to keep hunger at bay

2. Settle for smaller portions

We always tend to eat more than we need, but there are some tricks to help you with that. Use smaller plates and never eat out of the bag when it comes to snacks. Set up a target portion and stick to it. Also, put away the leftovers, so they don’t tempt you. Eat in the dining room, and not in the kitchen, where you cook the dishes.

3. Drink water before each meal

According to science, if you drink one glass of water before meals, it will make you feel fuller immediately. This means you will eat less during a meal but you will have the same level of satisfaction. That helps you lose weight. Also, hydration is always important.

4. Let go of sugary drinks

Soda and wine are those calories you ingest without solving your hunger, that we call empty calories. So if you feel like drinking something more than water, try ice tea or water flavored with lemon, mint or cucumbers. Another upside of that? These drinks are quite healthy and refreshing on hot days of summer.

5. Dark chocolate as dessert

Give up on the cookies, cakes or other types of sweet snacks. If you need an energy boost and also something a bit sweet, one square of dark chocolate should do the trick for you. Sugar can get you addicted and once you withdraw from it, the dark chocolate will even have a better taste!

6. Add some movement to your routine

If you don’t have time or money for a gym membership, just try to move a little more every day. Take some long walks, spend time with your dog, if you have one, or bike around your city. You can let go of escalators and elevators and use the stairs more. That is quite a work-out, we assure you.

7. A light dinner is required

Don’t go for the heavy meals at dinner, because your body needs time to digest it before sleep, so it doesn’t go straight to your thighs. Also, a big dinner will ruin your sleep, and when you can’t get any rest, your whole body is sort of thrown off its axis.



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