How to Cut a Pineapple

Did you ever look at a pineapple in the store thinking you have no idea how to get to the juicy, edible parts? Did you buy cans of already cut pineapple instead? This is not necessary anymore! Learn how to cut a pineapple right here, right now, and enjoy the goodness without the additives in canned pineapple.


It’s worth it, we assure you. This spiky fruit is sweet. But it’s also very healthy, with a very special ingredient: bromelain. It can be used to treat inflammation and swelling, especially after undergoing surgery. And it has other possible health benefits. Like it’s been studied as effective against other inflammation-based disorders – osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases and viral infections. It’s also useful for burn wounds because it helps doctors remove damaged and infected tissues. It’s also being researched as an anti-cancer agent. Because, as opposed to chemotherapy, which kills actual healthy cells in the body of the patient, bromelain has the potential to only affect the cancerous cells.

So here we are. How to cut a pineapple? It’s not as difficult as it seems to be when you look at it. And the whole process only lasts a few minutes, after which you can enjoy some sweet healthy goodness.

Choose one that has an even amount of yellow and green skin, so you know it’s not underripe or overripe. The leaves on top should be green and still stiff. If they’re brown, shriveled, or dry, that’s not a good sign.

5 steps on how to cut a pineapple

1. Cut the ends

Use a sharp knife to cut the top and the bottom of a pineapple, so you have a stable, flat base to work with. This also helps you see the section of the fruit and how thick the skin is.

2. Remove the skin

Keep the pineapple flat on its bottom and cut down from the top, removing the spiky skin. Do this a few times to clear the whole fruit. And keep the flesh.

3. Quarter the pineapple

Cut lengthwise from the top. First cut the fruit in half, and then cut each half in two more long pieces. You should have four long pieces now, each of them with a quarter of the core in it.

4. Remove the core

Once again, cut lengthwise. This time you must remove the four parts of the core in each of the long pineapple pieces. The core is hard and inedible.

5. Cut in small pieces

Now you only have the flesh to worry about. Cut each of the long pieces of pineapple in thirds or quarters. And then cut those in your preferred size cubes.

You can eat the chunks immediately, freeze them for later use, or keep them in the fridge for a few days. One pineapple is equal to about three cans worth. So freeze everything you don’t need!

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