How to Crush Garlic

If you’ve never done it before, it might seem like a difficult process. But you can learn how to crush garlic like a pro. And use it a lot, because garlic is worth it, thanks to its health benefits and to the way it seems to transform any dish it touches.

I have a crush on garlic and I also have a crush on anyone who loves garlic as much as me. I also like crushing garlic a lot. Not only it’s a fun thing for me to do in the kitchen, I also like that moment when the flavor is released and it tickles my nostrils. I can swear that I can almost feel the strong garlic flavor in the air while I’m penning this article. But that might be coming from our wonderful kitchen, where garlic is a chief ingredient.

Crushing garlic is an easy process and it doesn’t take long: a couple of minutes, depending, of course, on how much garlic you’re crushing. Do you want to learn how to crush garlic, too? Let’s go for it!

How to crush garlic in 9 easy steps

1. Gather your ingredients

You will need some garlic cloves, of course, as many as you like. As for equipment, these are the basics: a cutting board you’re comfortable with and that gives you some space to work and a knife with a wide blade.

2. Separate the cloves

Remove the garlic cloves from the head, without taking the effort of taking off the skins from any of them.

3. Place the clove

Take one clove of garlic and place it on the cutting board. You can also use some salt to sprinkle over the clove. That way, it will soak up the garlic juices released when it’s crushed, but also to act as a safety precaution so your knife doesn’t slip on the clove.

4. Place the knife

Take the knife and place its wide blade directly over the clove. You can also use another flat object that can’t break. Like a meat tenderizer (and trust me, it’s fun to use a meat tenderizer!).

5. Press down

This is the sort of tricky part. And I’m saying tricky because it just takes a little practice. Use the palm of your hand to press down on the clove, hard. But pay attention to the blade and keeping your hand away from it.

6. Remove skin

You will notice that the skin can now be removed easily. No muss, no fuss!

7. Chop

Chop the garlic clove into small pieces.

8. Press down. The sequel

Gather the chopped garlic into a small pile and do the pressing motion again. This will make the garlic even finer.

9. Scoop and use

You can use the blade of the knife to scoop the garlic from the cutting board. It’s easier than doing it with your hand. Now it’s time to use the garlic. I can’t lie, this is my favorite part!

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  1. Very unnecessary process of chopping it up first, it’s merely a waste of time… Just lay the garlic clove down, lay your knife flat over it, and give it a smash with your hand, and if you can’t do that easily on a whole clove, just cut the clove in half so it lays flat on the cutting board, and then give the knife a smash with your hand 🙂

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