2019 Top Food Trends, According to Uber Eats

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2019 Top Food Trends, According to Uber Eats

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The people who deliver your food know better than anybody what you like to eat, right? Well, it goes the same way for Uber Eats and they’re pretty sure they know what the 2019 top food trends are and what we’ll be having way more of in the future.

Uber Eats released a food trend report for 2019 and the results are quite interesting. According to them, people will be having healthier takeout in the year to come, but it will also look much more Instagram-ready. Yeah, edible flowers as decorations are in when it comes to takeout.

Some of these ingredients are quite common, while others are going to get mainstream exposure for the first time this year. And the news is pretty good for vegans and keto diet followers when it comes to the 2019 top food trends because they will have more options to choose from in the year to come.

So, what are the trends that 2018 brought and that are now starting to fade away? We’ve got pickles, tacos, kimchi, poke bowls, and so many more. Now let’s take a trip to the future and see what our plates have in store for us.

2019 Top Food Trends, According to Uber Eats
Almond milk, move out of the way! There is a new alternative in town: pea milk!

2019 top food trends

1. Plant-based

Protein-rich foods like tempeh, edamame, and others are very in right now, as more and more people try to cut down on meat, for various reasons.

2. Smoothie bowls

Remember when we had smoothies in a container with a straw, to go? Well, since in 2018 we decided not to use straws anymore, smoothies are transforming. Next year, we will have them in bowls, where you can enjoy their texture and appeal so much more.

3. Pea milk

Yeah, you read that correctly. Since almond milk is kind of an environmental catastrophe, there is a new alternative, dairy-free milk in town, and that is milk made from peas. Pea milk has a neutral flavor so it will be interesting to see how it fares in your morning coffee.

4. Seitan

What is this, you might ask yourself? Why it’s wheat meat! Yeah, it’s a product made from wheat that has the texture of meat yet none of the guilt associated with it. It is also called gluten, wheat protein, or wheat gluten. Just so you know when you look for it in the supermarket aisles.

5. Rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream is also known as stir-fried ice cream and it is a sweetened frozen dessert. They make it using milk, sugars, and cream, but also other ingredients to pump up (roll up?) the flavors. The liquid mixture is stirred to incorporate air spaces in an ice pan and at the same time cool it to -4 degrees F/-20 degrees C.

As for the rest of the 2019 top food trends, we will be having plenty more of manaeesh (eastern Mediterranean olive oil flatbread), heme (the ingredient in the Impossible burger), keto foods, bulgur, and pumpkin!

So enjoy your food for next year! It all sounds quite… futuristic.

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