Moon Milk: A New Remedy for Good Sleep?

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Maybe moon milk popped out at you on Instagram: beautiful mugs or glasses of warm milk with different kinds of other ingredients included. And maybe you want to know what it’s all about. We’ve got you covered.

My mom used to give us a glass of warm milk before me and my sister went to bed. It’s popular wisdom, isn’t it? That warm milk helps you get to sleep. Well, apparently science agrees, and the beverage called ‘moon milk’ has become quite the Instagram trend. Not as much as the egg with the record for likes, but it’s pretty darned close.

What is moon milk, anyway? Just a really nice branding term for warm milk with some natural flavor added in – honey or fruit or both. When it comes to the way it looks, moon milk always has pleasant colors and it’s extremely photogenic.

Can moon milk actually help?

If you have troubles falling asleep, as many of us do, then moon milk might actually help with that. To explain why, we’ve turned to science. Milk contains this amino acid called tryptophan (also found in turkey, for instance), which helps you relax and easing off into sleep. And it also gives you plenty of protein and essential nutrients, so it’s quite the valuable snack for you.

Milk also has lactose in it, which is a carbohydrate, which, combined with the protein, forms a combo that might induce calming hormones and get you ready for bed.

To help your sleep even further, then you should develop a nighttime ritual. Eat other foods that help with a soothing sleep and try not to have for dinner things that hurt your sleep. Prepare your moon milk, then let go of your phone, tablet or other screens at least one hour before you need to fall asleep. Then dim the lights, listen to some relaxing music or grab a book.

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