9 Sweet and Salty Recipes to Enjoy Bacon in Daring New Ways

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Is there any meat-eater out there who doesn’t like bacon? Of course, there isn’t. But you know what? There is more to it than ‘fried bacon and eggs’ and ‘scrambled eggs with bacon’. Bacon is a lot more versatile than you might think and lends itself so well to sweet and salty recipes.

Pairing sweet and salty is not at all unheard of. In fact, it is a mark of fine taste. We’re just trying to bring it to a new level by pairing the celebrated bacon with chocolate, pineapple, honey, maple syrup, this sort of goodies. What we’re talking about here is finger-licking snacks, exquisite desserts, and ingenious main courses.

You can make bacon even better with these 9 sweet and salty recipes

1. Chocolate Bacon Skewers

These little decadent snacks are meant for special occasions and special occasions only. You probably don’t want to gorge on them daily. So, as if bacon and chocolate weren’t enough, we coated the skewers with chili, pecan, and/or coconut flakes.


2. Bacon Spread

All you diehard fans must have served bacon in all the possible ways! But probably not this way. Here we have cooked bacon on the stove with some onion, sugar, and stock. Next, we’ve blended everything with the help of butter and honey. As a final step, we’ve enjoyed the mix topped on crispy bread. Yummy!


3. Bacon-Wrapped Swineapple

Planning a nice meal with your friends? Here is something you can make that will definitely be fun for everyone and will also be something everyone will talk about for ages. Just make sure you measure everything up before you start cooking because that’s probably the hardest thing about this recipe. Enjoy!


4. Bacon Pancakes With Maple Syrup

If you’re craving something sweet and salty at the same time, these pancakes with bacon and maple syrup topping may do the trick! Make a small batch at first, to test this unusual and delicious combination.


5. Bacon and Egg Waffles

Now, this is a salty waffle recipe for you! It has everything you wish: bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese! You can serve them for breakfast or as a snack. And let’s make a statement here and serve them with sweet maple syrup.


6. Honey Glazed Bacon and Figs

This is truly a next-level sweet & salty combination. Match the sweet figs, glazed and cooked with honey, with the salty, fried bacon that also gets honey-glazed. Bring the blue cheese into the dish to tie everything together. Add some chili flakes and rosemary for extra spicy goodness.


7. Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breast With Caramelized Nectarines

Prepare yourself for a sophisticated dish. It’s meaty and hearty, and quite decadent. Sear the bacon-wrapped duck breast, taking care to flavor it with garlic, olive oil, and rosemary. Then bake it. For a buttery sweet side, caramelize nectarine wedges.


8. Date, Bacon, and Coffee Cookies

These date and coffee cookies are really something and it’s the bacon that makes them so special. It’s an unusual ingredient when one thinks about sweets, but wait until you taste them. Feel free to change the ratio for the sweet dates or the salty bacon to better suit your taste.


9. Bacon-Wrapped Cheesy Prunes

Beware! These decadent bites are extremely delicious. Fried bacon rolls wrapped around cheese-stuffed prunes can turn you into a greedy gobbler. To make things even more delicious pair the sweet-tart prunes and crispy salty bacon with a sharp honey sauce.


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