Easy to Make Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

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You chose the way you live, so why not turn your Christmas morning breakfast into a real joy? Leave the complicated dishes for other days of the year and enjoy your Christmas morning with simple things.

Let’s make an imagination exercise and jump right into Christmas morning. You ate a lot last night, because of the Christmas Eve abundance, and you are just about to eat many delicious dishes for lunch. So, Christmas morning breakfast should be something easy to make and to digest. Also, if you’re the one preparing the meals for today, you should totally take a breath at least in the morning. Take it easy and make a quick breakfast for you or the entire family.

If there was only one single moment around the holidays when you should be relaxed, this is it! On Christmas morning you don’t want to make things complicated, but you want to enjoy your coffee, gifts, Christmas tree, family or friends, and some peace.

We thought about you and, although we cannot prepare your breakfast, we can still come up with a few ideas for your Christmas morning breakfast. Here you go:

7 Christmas morning breakfast ideas

1. Sandwiches

If you’re that kind of person who wants to eat something salty for breakfast, then any easy-to-make sandwich is for you. Just place some ready-made ingredients between two bread slices instead of cooking fancy toppings. Keep your sophisticated ideas for other days.

You can try this pastrami, mayo and yogurt toast sandwiches, or get other ideas from our sandwiches section.

2. Omelet

How about a protein-rich, vegetarian and delicious way to start your Christmas day? An omelet is ready in just a few minutes, and you can stuff it with so many different things! From all the omelet recipes we’ve tried, we’ve chosen this mushroom-stuffed omelet because it is vegetarian and you’re going to eat enough meat these days, right?

3. French toast

If you want to feel like a child again, why not make this magic happen on Christmas morning? Instead of a magic wand, you can use some French toast and we bet you’ll get the same effect! It’s incredibly easy to make but extremely heart-warming. Not to mention you don’t have to go outside, in the cold, to buy ingredients, because you probably have everything in the house! Just stay in your pajamas and dream about your favorite toppings!

4. Bruschetta

Do you want to stay more in bed? Then, bruschetta is the best option for your Christmas morning breakfast. While you top the bread slices with prosciutto and goat cheese or just a simple spread, make a coffee too. Then, place them all on your breakfast in bed tray and return between your sheets. Relax. Enjoy.

5. Savory waffles

Once you learn how to make waffles, life becomes more beautiful. We don’t recommend you make them for the first time on Christmas morning. But if this isn’t your first experience involving waffles, it’ll be a pleasure to make these apple sweet potato waffles served with eggs or other waffle recipes.

6. Granola

Granola and yogurt are ready to eat in 3 minutes! We think there’s nothing quicker than this for a nutritious yet delicious breakfast. If you haven’t made baked granola ahead, you can try a different version: no-bake granola. We’ve made a nice mix of oats, almonds, cashews, and raisins, and served it with yogurt and fresh fruit and maple syrup. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

7. Pancakes

How much time has passed since you’ve made some excellent pancakes for breakfast or brunch? Gather everybody in the house and have fun together by making these lemon and ricotta pancakes. We topped them with red currant jam too, but you can choose many different toppings, including chocolate sauce. On Christmas morning, you can eat all the things you like most!

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