5 Things to Cook for Your Family for Christmas Breakfast

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The winter holidays are here, and it’s stressful out there. The malls are full, you have plenty of gifts to buy, and end of year work isn’t that great either. It’s tough to even get to the day to day things and plan for them. We’re here to help! Here’s what you can cook for your family on Christmas breakfast.

Christmas morning is truly something very special. It’s the time for gift opening and a lot of holiday cheer. But, unfortunately, there’s still breakfast to be made. And if you want to make that moment special, too, we have some great ideas for you!

5 things to cook for your family on Christmas breakfast

1. Muesli, fruit, and yogurt breakfast in a jar

Just because it’s time for the holidays, that doesn’t mean that you should binge on all things unhealthy. This muesli, fruit, and yogurt breakfast in a jar is a great option if you want to limit your unhealthy meals to actual Christmas dinner with your family. You know why I love this? Because it’s easily eaten right out of the jar, with a spoon, around your festively decorated tree. And because Christmas morning is a time for celebration, not for cooking, it’s easy enough to make it the evening before.

2. Prosciutto, pea, and parmesan crostini

Sometimes all of the excitement, opening up the presents, and spreading holiday cheer means that my appetite isn’t all that high. I just feel like having a few bites in an informal setting. At the same time, this prosciutto, pea, and parmesan crostini has the necessary textures, tastes, and colors to make it fell celebratory. Think about that first crunch when you take a bite. Feel tempted yet?

3. Maple and peanut butter French toast

If the weather outside is frightful, then I’m pretty sure you’ll find some French toast pretty delightful. But we’re not talking the basic recipe here because what Christmas needs is a bit more oomph. Add some creamy and crunchy peanut butter, plus some smoky maple syrup and you already have an intriguing mix of flavors.

4. Banana pancakes with agave syrup

Who wants pancakes? This is a great option if some members of your family are living the gluten-free life. Use almond flour for the task and sweeten them with agave syrup instead of chocolate spread or jam. This is a healthy breakfast, but it has that special taste a Christmas breakfast needs. After this, you’ll definitely feel stronger for your family activities and the big dinner ahead. If you want the pancakes to be even healthier, skip the vegetable oil for frying and cook them in a non-stick skillet.

5. Bacon-wrapped omelet rolls

For me, there’s nothing that says ‘breakfast’ better than bacon and eggs. At the same time, wrapping things up to be opened with delight later is a huge part of the Christmas spirit. Why not do both at the same time, with these bacon-wrapped omelet rolls. All you have to do is cook your favorite omelet, slice it into rolls, and wrap it in bacon. Then you can place the rolls in the oven for about 25 minutes and voila, your breakfast is served. I know I’m going to have so much fun unwrapping these!

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