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How to Cut a Jalapeno Two Ways

Bring this delight in your life – and on your table. You can find jalapeno peppers everywhere and there are just so many uses for them! They work in pizza, you can make jalapeno poppers with them, and you can add them to anything from sauces, tacos, pasta, and even cocktails! Of course, you need to learn how to cut a jalapeno before enjoying its pleasures.

Spicing up my life was one of my better culinary decisions. Opening myself up to spicy food was a gateway to a new world of flavor – and of course, some tears. But those tears were worth it!

So why not try them? Here are some pros and cons, but the skinny is this: jalapenos are pretty healthy. They’re rich in this compound called capsaicin, which is anti-inflammatory, it helps with arthritis, some types of cancers, headaches, nasal congestion, ulcers, and high blood pressure. Moreover, capsaicin helps with weight loss, according to scientific research, and is also one of those foods that make you happier so what do you really have to lose?

Here’s how to cut a jalapeno properly and also how to handle with care. Because that stuff can make you really feel the burn. You should also read this guide on basic cutting techniques, to find out how to dice properly.

How to cut a jalapeno in 4 steps

Wash it up!

You don’t want the knife you use for cutting to transfer some bacteria from the unclean outside of the jalapeno to the center. So give it a good wash.

First method – diced jalapeno

1. Cut the stem

Place the jalapeno on the cutting board and remove its stem.

2. Cut it in half

Use the sharp knife to halve the jalapeno lengthwise.

3. Remove the seeds

Then use a spoon to scoop out its seeds and also the spicy membrane.

4. Do the final cut

Cut the two halves lengthwise into thin slices. Then bunch the slices together on the cutting board and chop from end to end, as finely as desired.

Second Method – round cut jalapeno

1. Cut the stem

Place the jalapeno on the cutting board and remove its stem.

2. Leave it as is

If you want to cut it in rounds, leave it as is.

3. Remove the seeds

Use a paring knife and insert it in the jalapeno through the stem end and slowly remove the seeds and membrane.

4. Do the final cut

Place the scooped-out pepper on the cutting board and cut it into rings, as thin as you want them to be.

Extra tip: Handle with care!

This whole process, no matter the result, needs to be handled as carefully as possible. Some like it hot, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to get any of that spiciness in your eye. And the hotness of the jalapeno is a gamble. It could even affect your hands if you come across an exceptionally hot one.

So what to do? You could prevent everything by wearing gloves through the whole process.

But if you do feel like your hands are burning hours after cutting that strongly flavored jalapeno, rub your hands with some olive oil, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, whole milk or yogurt. Chili oil is more soluble in fats, oils, and alcohol than in water. So those will help you get rid of the burning sensation.

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