How to Make Egg Wash

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If you’re into baking or are trying to get into it at the moment, a helpful thing would be to learn how to make egg wash. This liquid is so useful for other dishes as well and is the key for stunning-looking pastries.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wanting to get into pastries for a long time but maybe think that it’s a complex topic and you would have much to learn. That’s why we’re trying to cover the first lessons a newbie baker should learn about. Today we’re talking about how to make egg wash.

This simple mixture made from beaten eggs and a liquid is very simple to make and incredibly useful indeed. You can brush it on pastries before popping in the oven to give the finished product a golden sheen that’s visually appealing. You can also use it for binding multiple pastry parts of a complex baking good you’re cooking up.  And it helps glue some toppings like granulated sugar on the crust. Otherwise, they would slide off.

You can also use egg wash to make breaded meats like schnitzels and you can also brush the egg wash over veggies you want to roast in the oven. It will look and taste incredible.

How to make egg wash in 6 easy steps

1. Gather your ingredients

You’ll need one or two eggs and some liquid to dilute the eggs and make the brushing on pastry easier. What’s the effect of the liquid you mix in? Well, water makes the egg wash acceptable and slightly glossy. Milk will make it glossier. If you use just a yolk and water, it will be less shiny than with milk. And if you add cream to the egg, you might end up with an egg wash that’s tougher to spread and denser. An egg white with water or milk will bring it less shine.

So the best option is mixing a whole egg with some milk. Use an egg and a tablespoon of milk and go from there. You will also need a bowl and a fork.

2. Crack the egg

Crack the egg over a bowl. Make sure you don’t drop any shell pieces in the bowl. That could lead to pastry with the wrong kind of crunch.

3. Beat the egg

Use a fork to beat the egg in the bowl. Do this as thoroughly as possible, till the egg is evenly beaten.

4. Add milk

Pour the milk over the egg and use the same fork to mix it in.

5. Season

Add a pinch of salt and stir it in.

6. Use

Use the egg wash on whatever you want. It doesn’t keep for very long, so don’t make it in advance.

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