Most Popular Kitchen Trends in 2020

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2020 is all about bringing natural elements to life while adding a dash of color in your trendy kitchen.

Do your kitchen cabinets need a modern makeover? Use the guide below to refresh the vibe of the second most used room in the house.

1. Double islands

Separating the space for meal preparation and serving or gathering is always a good idea. This is when double islands come in handy. They represent a convenient and fancy way to divide spaces for different types of activities. They also facilitate the cleaning process.

Here is an affordable model of a mobile kitchen island with a solid wood top that perfectly fits in a small place. On the sides, it has a towel bar and a spice rack for even more convenience. Plus, the drawer and the cupboard provide multiple storage spaces.

2. Open shelves for decor

It might not be a new trend, but it is gaining popularity for sure. Open shelves add more style to a kitchen, especially when you choose to display antique cookware, copper pots, vintage glasses, and so on. Blending the old with the modern creates a sense of warmth and welcoming. What’s more, open shelves invites your imagination to run free and arrange all kitchen items however you like, to create a cozy cooking space.

3. Handleless designs

The contemporary kitchen designs are all about multi-tasking and ease of access. Technological improvements make it possible for us to open kitchen cabinets or cupboards without handles. Add handleless kitchen cabinets for a sleek look and keep simplicity as your secret weapon for an inviting meal room.

4. Natural wood tones

Bring nature in your home by adding a kitchen island or some chairs in a pretty, grainy wood look. Also, brown wooden shelves add a sense of authenticity to your kitchen.

Try imagining this pine floating wall on top of your kitchen sink, filled with handy accessories. It’s rustic, yet modern, and solid enough to hold whatever items you choose. It’s easy to mount and secured with a smart bracket mounting system.

5. Black cabinets

If you’re not happy with a simple white kitchen, turn around and try the edgy, yet classic black. Black cabinets pair perfectly with anything from white backsplashes to warm wood shelves.

Here’s a quick source of inspiration for you: an ergonomic wood kitchen cart with wheels on the base for easy mobility, a pull-out drawer, a double-door cabinet, and a utility holder.

6. Sea-green kitchen

Paint the walls and furniture in a sea-green tone or add decorative elements to the room. This color is so light and versatile, blending perfectly with beige, black, white and so many other colors. It creates a serene space, where you can feel at ease and relaxed while prepping your favorite dishes.

Because kitchens should be an oasis of calm and relaxation, try these versatile linen curtains in a sea-green color. It will liven up the indoor space while creating a sense of airiness and beauty.

7. Silver-tipped light bulbs

Regardless of your kitchen’s design, silver light bulbs are easy on the eyes and add a decorative touch to the entire room. Just imagine them hanging from a nicely chosen chandelier, giving warm light for late dinners or cold light for tasty lunches!


Here’s a nice source of inspiration: a pack of silver-tipped bulbs that create a warm welcoming setting when entering a room.

So, what do you think of these 7 kitchen trends of the year? Will you adopt them for a kitchen makeover or have you tried some of them already? We’re eager to know your opinion.

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