Drinking Soda Could Cause Colon Cancer, Study Says

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It’s not like we ever thought that drinking soda was good for our body, but new research shows that it might actually be worse than we thought, and it could lead to colon cancer.

If you have just one soda every day, then you might want to reconsider your habit as soon as possible. And when I say one soda, I mean just one can of the ‘refreshment’ might do a lot of damage to your body. A new study says that drinking soda every day can very well lead to colon cancer.

We already knew how bad soda is for us. Not just because it’s positively loaded with sugar. Or the fact that sugar-free soda has other damaging ingredients in its makeup. This type of drink is definitely in the top 10 damaging food items that you should limit in your menu.

The new research was headed up by Dr. Lewis Cantley of Cornell University. He and his team were interested in finding out why there was an increase in bowel cancer cases for people under 35 years old in the United States. And their experiments on lab rats showed that the fructose and glucose found in soda accelerated the growth of intestinal tumors in mice.

Drinking Soda Could Cause Colon Cancer, Study Says
Just one can of soda per day might lead to intestinal cancer.

These mice, that were prone to intestinal cancer, were fed high-fructose corn syrup, the same amount that would translate to one soda per day for a human. “The tumor was directly eating the sugar…the cancer was using fructose and glucose together to more than double its growth rate.” said the researchers.

Just one caveat: these mice the tests were performed on had been genetically engineered to be prone to cancer. So, the results aren’t 100 percent conclusive when it comes to humans who drink soda. But that doesn’t mean that the conclusions of the research shouldn’t be a warning sign for anyone who has one fizzy drink per day. Limit your consumption of these things and give yourself a chance at a better life.

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