QUIZ: Know Your Mushrooms

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We like mushrooms and there is a chance you like mushrooms, too, but how much do you know about these little natural wonders? Simply put, can you recognize these guys? Let’s see some of them:


#1. Name this popular mushroom

The oyster mushroom, or Pleurotus, or the tree mushroom, might well be the second most popular type of edible mushrooms in the whole world.

#2. Name this mushroom also used in the traditional medicine

Shiitake is another East Asian mushroom which started to be cultivated in the US only recently. It is also used in the traditional medicine.

#3. Name this trumpet-shaped mushroom

The Chanterelle mushrooms have yellow hues and some can be white, orange, or black. They are trumpet-shaped and some consider them gourmet foods.

#4. Name this mushroom that you most certainly have already tasted

Champignons (Agaricus bisporus) also known as Cremini (when immature and still brown), or even Portobello (although some would argue against this) – they’re white and brown and chances are you already ate them.

#5. Name this little red riding hood

The beautiful but toxic fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria). You can not go wrong when trying to identify it. It looks something of a classic, right? Just DON’T EAT IT!

#6. Name this mushroom that shares the name with a class of destroyers in the Imperial Japanese Navy

Enoki, or rather enokitake (take meaning mushroom in Japanese), means exactly that: a tree mushroom. Just another healthy mushroom to find its way into your soups and salads.

#7. Name this umami-rich mushroom

Shimeji mushrooms are East Asian stuff and there are several varieties. Here you see the Bunapi. They are rich in umami flavor. Don’t eat them raw.


We’re using these goodies (except Amanita muscaria, duh!) in our recipes. Check out 10 of the most common mushrooms types and their use in the kitchen!

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