How to Grind Meat

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If you want to better control the flavor, taste, and composition of your burgers or sausages, the best solution is to learn how to grind meat. You mostly need a meat grinder and the process isn’t difficult at all. Actually, it can be quite satisfying.

Part of the reason to learn how to grind meat for yourself is knowing exactly what you put in the grinder and knowing that it is safe for eating. The other part of it is about being even more hands-on in your cooking process and doing everything yourself!

It’s best to grind as much meat as possible in one go because it’s not the most time-efficient thing in the world. But you can grind more meat and then the cleaning process will take just as long after one pound or ten. Then, it’s easy to keep the meat you grind neatly organized in the freezer. Just stick tags on it specifying when you ground the meat and what kind of meat it is. So how to grind meat step by step? Read on and find out!

Once you learn how to grind meat, you’ll be happy to know there are so many recipes you can make with the results of your labor.

How to grind meat in 11 easy steps

1. Clean thoroughly

The most important thing is to work with a clean base: a clean workspace, a clean grinder, and clean equipment. You don’t have to do anything too fancy. Just use hot water, soap and scrub a little. You should clean before use and after use, every time.

2. Dry your grinder

It’s as important for the grinder to be dry as it is for it to be clean.

3. Chill and freeze the grinder

These cuts that you’ll grind are made of fat and meat. The problem with fat is that it melts very easily. And the grinding process and the friction in the grinder don’t help with that too much. The best cure for that is some time spent in the freezer. So put the metal parts of the grinder on a baking tray or a pan or a large bowl and pop them in the freezer. Keep them there for half an hour at least.

4. Freeze the meat

Put the meat in the freezer for about 15 minutes. For the same fat-related reasons. It will be easier prepped after that. Spread it on a tray or whatever you’d like, in a single layer.

5. Cut meat into cubes

Cut the meat into moderate-sized cubes, after you’ve taken it out of the fridge.

6. Trim

Remove sinew and connective tissue, if necessary. These things can sometimes clog your grinders.

7. Assemble your grinder

After taking out the grinder pieces from the freezer, assemble it back.

8. Fill up the grinder

Fill up the grinder with the cubes of partially frozen meat. Place a bowl under the grinder for the ground meat to sit in.

9. Grind the meat in batches

Turn on the grinder and grind all of the meat.

10. Use bread to help clean

After you’ve ground all the meat, grind a couple of slices of bread. The meat leftovers in the grinder will stick to it and it will help with your cleaning.

11. Clean thoroughly

Disassemble the grinder and let the pieces soak in some hot water, to make it easier to clean. Scrub thoroughly and store.

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