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How to Make Coleslaw

Looking for something delicious on the side… of grilled meat and other pretty heavy dishes? Coleslaw works! It’s easy to make, but it can also be easy to make mistakes while preparing it. Here’s how to make coleslaw – tasty, crunchy, and delicious!

Burgers and hot dogs and steaks, oh my! The weather is getting better for grilling and what better to pair these delicious – but a bit on the heavier side dishes – than a light, crunchy, coleslaw? It’s a great idea for a family dinner, it works with friend and neighbor gatherings, it’s pretty much great for every situation you can imagine. But how to make coleslaw so that all the elements are balanced? Let’s see!

I’m not talking about some fancy coleslaw recipe, with innovative seasoning and ingredients. I think that coleslaw should be discreet and tempered, as opposed to those feisty, flavor-packed burgers, for instance.

You can add your own flavors and ingredients if you want, and of course, you can experiment with the dressing, but this time I am a partisan for a mayo dressing. And a bit of color in the large coleslaw bowl. You can go for other dressings, but remember that all of them will have to be cut with vinegar and with some sugar and salt mixed in. Other classic dressings are buttermilk and sour cream.

How to make coleslaw in 10 easy steps

1. Gather your ingredients

You will need some cabbage and some carrots. I absolutely love adding some red cabbage in the mix, but that’s your option. I’ve also had some great coleslaw with a bit of shredded apple, some grated onion, and maybe some celery. Just make sure that the texture is balanced.

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll also need some mayo, some sugar, and some salt. When it comes to vinegar, I would recommend some white wine vinegar.

2. Prep the cabbage

Cut the cabbage in half and remove some of the extra layers, the ones who look kind of wilted. Take both halves and cut them into quarters. And remove the core inside or it will be a pain to shred the cabbage.

3. Shred the cabbage

I know, you can use some coleslaw mix and the problem is solved, but the fact is that I prefer to spend a long time shredding the cabbage because it’s mindful and it makes me feel all Zen.

Slice each of the quarters into shreds. Or you can use a food processor if you don’t feel like shredding the cabbage yourself. I won’t judge. I won’t even know. Keep the shredded cabbage in a mixing bowl.

4. Peel the carrots

Use a knife or a veggie peeler. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Shred the carrots

Cut them into very thin sticks. Or you can use a food processor again.

6. Mix

Toss the shredded cabbage and carrots in the same bowl.

7. Make the dressing

Mix the dressing ingredients together in a smaller bowl. So for this one: mayonnaise (if you have time for homemade mayo, even better), vinegar, sugar, and salt.

8. Taste the dressing

Your task is almost over. But you still have to taste the dressing and see if the seasonings are balanced.

9. Mix dressing and cabbage

Pour the dressing over the shredded cabbage and carrots. Toss them together, with care. Make sure that the dressing is enough to touch all of the shreds. But if you’re going to be eating the slaw in a few hours, keep some of the dressing. And mix into the coleslaw before serving, so it still feels fresh.

10. Refrigerate

Room temperature coleslaw is no fun. Cool coleslaw is perfect. So refrigerate the slaw for at least an hour before you serve it. This is how the flavors mix better, with more spectacular results.

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