Gin tonic with cucumber and strawberries

Gin Tonic With Cucumber and Strawberries

When you say “cocktails,” the first thing it comes to mind is fruit, not veggies. Ok, maybe you think Bloody Mary or something like that, but on the whole, a cocktail is rather fruity than… veggy, right? Now, meet the new kid on the block: the cucumber. It is responsible for that fresh feeling in your drink. And it looks nice!

Vodka and coffee cocktail

Vodka and Coffee Cocktail

Would you like a coffee? Or maybe a cocktail? Or you can have both in the same jar! Just follow the three steps below or watch our mixologist doing it on video. There is one caveat, though: try to use high-quality ingredients.

Watermelon and mint lemonade

Watermelon and Mint Lemonade

Summer is with us again and here you have one of our solutions to the scorching heat. Not to mention it is tasty and energizing. Just upgrade your plain-jane lemonade with orange and watermelon. And we’re talking about a lot of watermelon juice. And there you have your upgraded lemonade, or should we say melonade?

Safe sex on the beach (mocktail)

Safe Sex on the Beach (Mocktail)

There are a lot of variations to the glorious Sex on the Beach cocktail. And this mocktail of ours hits the same spot. So, it has zero alcohol and brings together the sweet ‘n mildly sour taste of orange juice, lime, and strawberry with lavender aroma and sweet grenadine. It’s totally safe! Just pay attention to the sand…

Kinder Bueno Frappé

Kinder Bueno Frappé

Story goes it was a Greek who created the first frappe, naming it with a French word, and mixing together instant coffee, sugar, milk, and ice. But why stop here? Enter liquid cream, sugar syrup, cream, and any topping and bars you can think of!

Green Smoothie with Almond Milk

Green Smoothie With Almond Milk

Good morning! For your next healthy green smoothie try combining kale, celery, and baby spinach. Puree these together with almond milk, sweeten with honey, and serve drizzled with sesame seeds.

Pineapple, Banana and Avocado Smoothie

Pineapple, Banana and Avocado Smoothie

Next time when you’re on for a smoothie, you could try this mix: juicy pineapple, creamy banana, and buttery avocado. This smooth combo will recharge your batteries.

Cremă de cafea cu ciocolată albă și mascarpone

White Chocolate Mocha

Why not reinventing (and simplifying, for that matter) the mocha by simply using melted white chocolate and flavoring it with coffee? The result will be a thick and extra-creamy dessert drink.

Pear, kiwi, and cucumber smoothie

Pear, Kiwi, and Cucumber Smoothie

‘Health in a glass’, that’s how this (and every smoothie out there, for that matter) should be named. That’s what they are, basically. This one is cucumber, celery, pears, and kiwi fruits blended together. Would you share it?

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Everybody knows how to prepare a warming hot chocolate, right? If you think there might be one or two things to learn in order to properly make yourself a cup of hot chocolaty bliss, then follow us in here. We’ll show you how we do it.

Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Keto and stylish? Yes, with this creamy chocolatey hot drink. Why not flavor your hot chocolate with black tea, say Earl Grey? It gives it a delicate special flavor. And let’s not use milk for this one but almond milk instead. However, keep a milky touch with some whipping cream.

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