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WOW! An edible human brain? It may not seem like the most appetizing dish. But remember, it's Halloween! This "brain" is actually a soft, delicate cake topped with buttercream and marzipan. Making it is way easier than it looks, all you need to do is have a little patience and imagination. And we bet you do!

Nutritional Chart

Calories: 330 kCal / serving

  • Proteins:
  • Fats:
  • Carbs:
  • 6 g
  • 15 g
  • 26 g

Ingredients Needed for Bloody Brain

5 egg whites
5 tablespoons of sugar
4 egg yolks
5 tablespoons of vegetable oil
9 tablespoons of flour
3 tablespoons of buttercream icing
red marzipan

How to Make Bloody Brain

  1. Add the egg whites in a large bowl. Mix them for a couple of minutes or until they become frothy.
  2. Add the sugar and continue to mix until you obtain stiff peaks.
  3. Add the egg yolks and vegetable oil and mix until you obtain a smooth mixture.
  4. Start adding the flour, a tablespoon at a time and mix.
  5. Add parchment paper inside an oval baking dish and pour the mixture inside.
  6. Slide the dish into the oven for the next 25 minutes at 360 degrees F/180 degrees C.
  7. After the cake is cooled, spread the buttercream on top of it.
  8. Roll the marzipan until long and about finger-thick.
  9. Lay the marzipan over the cake, shaping it like a human brain.

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