8 Easy Recipes to Put Those Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use

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Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is time to clean out that serving platter where the mighty bird once laid, whole and golden brown. Those leftovers can, of course, serve some good purpose by using them as ingredients for other meals and dishes.

And we do not mean just sandwiches and tacos, although you’ll find below some of these, too. Go a little further and think of soups, casseroles, cutlet dishes, and, of course, pizza. You can prepare all of these and much more, using as (main) ingredient the scrumptious meat of the Gobbler.

8 Recipes to Help You Get Mileage Out of the Thanksgiving Leftovers

1. Turkey, Spinach, and Red Bean Soup

This turkey soup sure smells delicious! So, if you have any leftovers from Thanksgiving, this soup gives you the opportunity to properly use it. We’ve added cherry tomatoes, garlic, beans, and baby spinach and we’ve flavored it with coriander and basil. Great and surprising flavors, in a soup that brings a cozy feeling!


2. Turkey and Bread Casserole

The meal for Thanksgiving Day might have been awesome, but surely you haven’t finished all your turkey. You can put those delicious leftovers to work by cooking them in a new dish, like this casserole, for example, with veggies and mozzarella. It’s got lots of flavors, so we’ll let you try it and see for yourself!


3. Turkey Breast With Capers and Anchovy Salsa

Do you have any leftover meats from Thanksgiving? Here is an interesting method of putting them to good use. You can make this cold starter, with turkey breast, and a nice salsa with pickled bell pepper, capers, and anchovies. Add a few leaves of arugula, and voila, in just a few minutes, your starter is ready!


4. Roast Turkey and Prosciutto Pizza

Thanksgiving Day may have gone by, but we bet you still have some leftovers! It would be a shame to throw away all that delicious meat, so we recommend using it on a pizza! You can play a bit with the recipe and add all kinds of ingredients. We’ve tried some red onion, mozzarella, spinach, prosciutto, and basil. We think that turned out pretty well, don’t you?


5. Leftover Turkey Tacos

It often happens to have some leftover turkey (or chicken) in your freezer. Take advantage of it when you’re in a hurry and you’re starving. Make a taco sandwich in less than 15 minutes!


6. Turkey Leftover Sandwich

Got any leftover turkey from Thanksgiving Day? We suggest using them to make this delicious sandwich! You can add red cabbage, arugula, onion, and Cheddar, plus the classic sauces, mustard, and mayo. It takes only 15 minutes to make and we think it’s a good idea to enjoy your leftovers!


7. Leftover Turkey and Pate Baguette

Here is a recipe we recommend if you plan on spoiling yourself the day after Thanksgiving! Besides turkey, we have filled this delicious baguette with lots of other ingredients. Butter, pate, ginger, chili sauce, mayo, and lots of veggies make this baguette more of a gourmet-type sandwich!


8. Turkey Tower Sandwich

What to do the next day after Thanksgiving? You can put that good meat to use to make this ultimate tower sandwich! But there’s more to it than just turkey! It has fried bacon, Cheddar, Emmental cheese, ketchup, pickled cucumbers, and lots of other ingredients. Grab your friends and ask them to join, because finishing this sandwich on your own is an almost impossible task!


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