Beauty Benefits of Sauerkraut: Embrace the Sourness

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How much fermented food do you usually eat in a week or month? If your answer is not that much, then maybe you should reconsider. Because we’re about to tell you about the health and beauty benefits of sauerkraut.  

When I was a child, we never lacked for sauerkraut. My father’s aunt, the woman who lived next door and took care of me during the summer, would add a lot of cabbage to huge barrels that she would keep in the cellar.

And thus, magical sauerkraut was born, ready to become anything from a wonderful simmered stew, perfect for pairing with smoky foods, to just a simple sour slaw to accompany meats at the dinner table. Not to mention the greatest festive dish of minced meatballs stuffed in the cabbage leaves. I remember the very strong smell you could feel all over the yard when she opened one of the barrels. But even though it might seem stinky, every time I feel it, it brings me a very pleasant vibe of childhood memories.

Beauty Benefits of Sauerkraut: Embrace the Sourness
Sauerkraut is full of probiotics which help out your digestion and your skin.

Why does sauerkraut help with beauty?

Ever since then, I’ve always loved sauerkraut. It goes without saying that I was super glad when I found out about the health and beauty benefits of sauerkraut. Of course, beauty always starts with a good, balanced diet, which eliminates those foods that might overload your skin or make you look especially puffy.

So how do fermented foods help with beauty? According to research on the subject, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract aids in the healing of inflamed skin. Probiotics that are formed during the fermentation process keep your gut full of beneficial bacteria. This means that good bacteria in your gut makes your skin shine!

4 beauty benefits of sauerkraut

1. Vitamin A helps with wrinkles

The lovely fermented cabbage cut into ribbons is rich in vitamin A, which is an essential component for the health and beauty of your skin. It tends to slow down the appearance of wrinkles on your face and keeps it in a more youthful state. What else would improve the look of your skin? Read this and find out!

2. Helps with acne

Do you have troubles with acne? Then you should know that sauerkraut is one of those foods that help fight this skin condition. Its secret in the matter? The high content of sulfur, which is great for your skin. And you only have to have about half a cup of sauerkraut a day to get its benefits. Here are some more foods that fight acne.

Beauty Benefits of Sauerkraut: Embrace the Sourness
Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin A, which makes your skin healthier and radiant.

3. Keeps your skin radiant

The probiotics in sauerkraut are quite instrumental in having fresh, radiant skin. Why does that happen? Because they encourage the growth of friendly flora in your gut. This, in turn, facilitates the better delivery of nutrients to your skin.

4. Maintains the health of your eyes

Once again, thanks to the presence of vitamin A in sauerkraut, your eyes are in good hands! This vitamin reduces the chances of macular degeneration and the formation of cataract. But sauerkraut also has two antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthin – which improve eye health.

There is only one caveat, though: sauerkraut is very high in sodium, which means that it should not be consumed by people who have renal or cardiovascular diseases. But beyond that, there are multiple health benefits, too! Like it improves digestion, it contains folate, great for pregnant women, it reduces the risk of heart disease, controls blood sugar levels, maintains healthy brain function, reduces bone loss, boosts your energy and so much more!

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