How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt Party

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How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt Party

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Children, teenagers, or adults – they all can have so much fun at an Easter egg hunt party if you know the basics of how to plan it and host it. Don’t forget the food, because they’ll be hungry after running around so much!

It doesn’t matter if you’re American, English, South-African, Australian, French, or from other countries; you can still play this childhood game which can make your Easter much more fun. The egg hunt is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age if you hide the eggs wisely. An Easter egg hunt should be fun, inexpensive, and stress-free! To make it more relaxing, plan an Easter egg hunt party for kids and adults alike.

Preparing the Easter egg hunt party

First of all, decide when the hunt will happen. If you plan an outdoor Easter egg hunt party, check the weather forecast. Have a backup plan! Invite people, with hand-crafted invitations or not, and tell them in advance (2 weeks before the party should be O.K.), so you know if they can come to your Easter egg hunt party.

Fill your Easter eggs with different small candies that can fit inside. Sweets are a favorite prize for Easter egg hunts, but you can also make ‘special eggs’. For example, roll some eggs in glitter or put special stickers on them to hide them better. Fill the special eggs with something other than candies. You can choose cartoon figures, small toys, or movie tickets. You can also make one ‘golden egg’ and stick some money inside.

If your guests are between 6 and 50+ years, hide eggs in both easy and difficult places to keep them challenged. It’s best to define the hunt area so that no one wanders out of bounds. Also, set and border an extremely simple area for the youngest ones. They will need the eggs hidden in easily reachable places.

Hide eggs in both easy and difficult places to keep your guests challenged.

Set some rules, like limiting the number of eggs each child (or teenager, or adult) can keep so no one gets left out, setting a time limit for the hunt, or not hunting until the whistle blows. If you want, you can make some clues, but this makes the game more difficult, and it’ll take up more of your time.

Everybody should have some baskets or bags to hold their eggs. You can buy some ready-made baskets, or you can choose some simple and inexpensive ones, and ask the children to help you decorate them, as a craft activity at the party.

They have to eat! Kid-friendly egg hunt menu

Kids may say all they need is candy, but, after they run and find the eggs, they’ll definitely be hungry! So, set up a buffet with kid-friendly foods, and use all your Easter-themed decorations! Place the plates at one end of the table and the napkins, silverware, and drinks at the other. Make sure kids can also reach the items on the table.

Go simple by slicing some fruit, spring vegetables, and bread, and making some sandwiches and dips (think about hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, and so on). And don’t forget the traditional deviled eggs!

Set a buffet with kid-friendly foods, and don’t forget to slice some fresh fruit.

Make various finger foods like pastry twists, bruschetta, fried mashed potato balls, or different types of appetizers, like these ones.

For dessert, you can make walnut rolls, coconut balls, peanut butter and banana muffins, or chocolate date pops.

Other egg hunt activities

Just because the hunt is over, it doesn’t mean the fun should be over, too. Maybe the adults can spend more time near the food area, but kids get bored of eating quickly, so you should think about some more fun activities for them.

You can suggest they play egg race, meaning that they must carry a raw egg on a spoon across a certain distance without dropping it. Another way of having fun (not just for the children!) is the ‘Bunny Hop’ sack race. Use sacks or old pillowcases, ask the participants to place their legs in them an then hop until the finish line. It’ll be fun!

Remind the children (and adults, if necessary), that your Egg hunt is not a contest. Its purpose is to have plenty of fun and spend time with their loved ones, even if they did not collect as many eggs as their friends.

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