5 Reasons to Eat Mango. Being Delicious Is the 6th

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There are plenty of reasons to eat mango and believe it or not, it being delicious is the least of them. This fruit is full of healthy nutrients and as research shows us, there are plenty of other benefits as well. 

I find a certain pleasure in biting into a mango and tasting the refreshing and juicy pulp of this tropical stone fruit. So yeah, I like it best fresh, even though you can have it dried as well. There are a few varieties of mango and they all grow in warmer climates. They started off in Southern Asia, but are now grown in the Caribbean, Mexico and even the US.

If we’re looking for reasons to eat mango, we need not look very far. It’s low in calories, but it has a lot of fiber, plenty of vitamins and minerals. This means that it helps a lot of systems in your body.

If you want to include more of this fruit in your diet, then try this pan-fried pangasius with mango sauce.



5 reasons to eat mango

1. A good source of antioxidants

There are plenty of antioxidants in mangoes, and we should mention phytochemicals such as gallotannins and mangiferin. These are usually associated with health-promoting activities including anti-inflammation, antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity, and anti-cancer. So basically all of the ‘anti’ you might want or need.

2. Rich in vitamins

Mangoes are loaded with vitamins A and C, but also vitamins B6 and E. Vitamin A is important for the growth and development of the body, for the maintenance of the immune system, and for good vision. Vitamin C is involved in the repair of tissue and the production of certain neurotransmitters. Vitamins A and C also have great beauty benefits, because they help repair damaged hair and skin.

3. Rich in minerals and other nutrients

Mango is one of the foods that contain zinc, which has its ‘hand’ in a number of important body processes. You also get some folate, iron and a bit of calcium!

4. Digestion helper

A study from 2018 found that people with chronic constipation who ate mangoes for 4 weeks had great improvement in their symptoms. This was partly because of the fiber in the fruit, but also from other compounds that are specific to mangoes. And beyond reasons to eat mango, you should know that the leaves of the fruit help with the opposite of constipation, diarrhea.

5. Good for the heart

And here we come to another one of the reasons to eat mango: the fact that mangiferin, the compound we already mentioned, offers some heart-protective benefits including reduced inflammation. But this was an animal study in 2016, so science has to make further inquiries.

If all of these reasons to eat mango have convinced you, then we come to the dessert! Try this mango no-bake cheesecake and let us know what you think of it.

No-Bake Mango Cheesecake with Gelatin Topping


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