Spaghetti with Spinach

Spaghetti With Spinach

Not all spaghetti dishes truly belong to Italian cuisine. However, this spaghetti was indeed inspired to us by the “cucina italiana”. We could have used pecorino, but instead, we’ve settled for parmesan. Either way, this is not a vegetarian dish. Unless you use rennet-free cheese.

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Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore

Let’s do some braising. Hunter-style! The chicken cacciatore recipe is very suitable for that, so have a few drumsticks ready, together with canned tomatoes, vermouth, and a number of spices. And if you’re looking for the real Italian experience, then you better serve the cacciatore with polenta!

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Beet Pesto Linguine

Beet Pesto Linguine

Cooking pasta is not just about making them ‘al dente’ or not. It’s also about how you pair them or upgrade them. In this case, we prepared a delicious red pesto from baked beetroot mixed with heavy cream and flavored with dill and lemon juice. It ended up so yummy! Serve them with some cheese (crumbled or grated, that’s your call).

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Tomato and Sweet Corn Pizza

Tomato and Sweet Corn Pizza

How long has it been since you’ve last gobbled on some plain tasty pizza, filled with tomatoes and topped with smokey onion and gooey cheese? And how long since you made your own pizza crust? Also, take notice: if you want this to be vegetarian, replace the mozzarella with a rennet-free type of cheese.

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Hot Mexican Pizza

Hot Mexican Pizza

Was this inspired to us by Italian cuisine or is it from Mexico? We don’t know for sure. What we know is this: it’s hot, it has Tex-Mex stuff in it, and you should eat it with your friends. Serve it with a refreshing white sauce or, simply, with yogurt.

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Langoustines with Tomato Sauce

Langoustines With Tomato Sauce

North Italian cuisine was our muse when it comes to this recipe. You’ll want to generously add canned tomatoes for the rich sauce that makes this food so scrumptious. Complete the sauce with white wine, olive oil, and breadcrumb. Serve this with a lot of bread because you don’t want to leave the sauce on the plate.

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Cannoli with Mascarpone and Amaretto

Cannoli With Mascarpone and Amaretto

Do you know those crispy little tubes filled with a sweet and creamy mixture? Yes, we’re talking about cannoli, the South-Italian staple dessert! We thought we’d give them a try, so we made the actual tubes from a cinnamon-flavored cocoa dough. For the filling, we chose a buttery mixture made with vanilla, lemon, and Amaretto-flavored mascarpone. Do you wanna try?

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