Chicken Sandwich Bites

If you don’t have a sandwich maker, but you like crispy sandwiches, bake them in the oven! These flower shaped oven-baked chicken sandwich bites are super crispy on the outside, but juicy on the inside, thanks to the buffalo sauce and melted mozzarella.

Cheddar and Mashed Potato Patties

You can use mashed potatoes as a side, or you could go on a bolder route and turn them into something new, like these delicious snacks. They’re wonderful patties, with mashed potatoes as a main ingredient, and they’re filled with melted Cheddar. They truly are some of the most mouthwatering snacks we’ve ever seen!

Caramelized Onion Dip

Looking for a nice dip to help nachos melt in your mouth? Why not try this recipe for caramelized onion dip? All you need to do is to caramelize a chopped onion, and then mix it with a bit of cream cheese, sour cream, spices, and herbs. Try it and see if you like it.

Chicken With Capers and Olives in Tomato Sauce

Chicken and tomato sauce – now there’s a classic combo that you just can’t get enough? So how about trying this recipe, which pretty much focuses on the two? You just need a few other ingredients, nothing too fancy, about 20 minutes to prepare everything, and you have yourself a wonderful meal!

Chicken Pastries

Forget about classic types of stuffing for puff pastry and venture forth into a new world of flavor. Try this stuffing with chicken, tomato sauce, corn, and peas, and you’ll see how the flavors go so well with the crunchiness of the fresh pastry. But don’t worry, the pastries are as tasty the next day as well! That is, if your loved ones don’t eat them all!

Crunchy Caramel Nut Bar

If you’re looking for a healthy snack idea, try this quick fix: mix different nuts and seeds – walnuts, cashew, pecans, pumpkin seeds – and bake them with a bit of sugar, agave syrup, and cinnamon. You’ll get a delicious nut bar in no more than half an hour! If you’re watching your diet closely, you can skip the sugar and use only natural sweeteners.

Coca Cola Ribs

Now this recipe sure is American-inspired. Cola is usually served with ribs, but this time, we had new things planned with it. We’ve used it as a marinade for the ribs, and we must say, it has made them deliciously sweet and tender!

Cornmeal and Veggie Fritters

These cornmeal and veggie fritters are so colorful and easy to make, they will surely become one of your favorite vegetarian snacks. You can add lots of veggies to the mix, like onion, sweet corn, bell pepper, and so on. You’ll also need a good sauce to go with them, and this one made with avocado works well with this combo.

Cheese Topped Chicken and Pasta Casserole

Casseroles have a unique way of turning us into huge fans. You can cook them without much work (all you need to do is add the ingredients in a baking tray) and they’re a nice way of mixing together different ingredients. This casserole has pasta, chicken, and two types of cheese, so it doesn’t lack flavor or texture.

Beet and Mayonnaise Baguette Hot Dog

Beet and Mayonnaise Baguette Hot Dog

Ok, who hasn’t eaten a hot dog? They’re a simple and tasty street food, but what if you try it with a fresh and crunchy-crusted demi-baguette instead of the usual hot dog bun? Also serve it not only with mustard but with your own beet, onion, bell pepper, and mayo mixture. Much tastier, isn’t it? We thought so.

Lamb Stew with Phall Curry

Lamb Stew With Phall Curry

Beware, this is an extreme case of hot and spicy and it’s coming right at you from India. It is an upgraded lamb stew. One combined with many spices added in generous quantities. It goes very well with rice, it’s hearty and super-warming. And it’s bye-bye cold.

Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

Let’s put together some home-made street food (pun intended). Make your own hot dog, only this time use a demi-baguette. Also add a hot and deliciously sour mildly crunchy mixture of red cabbage, pickle, chili, and whole grain mustard.

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