Main course

Chickpea Burger

In search of a new and surprising type of burger? Then look no further, because we have the perfect recipe for you: a vegetarian burger with a delicious patty made from chickpeas, almonds, flour and some veggies. Add some spices and a chilli, just so you can give it that extra kick of flavor! Serve it with tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage, and shredded carrot and enjoy. It’s delicious, colorful, and the healthiest burger you will ever have!

Butter Steak With Carrot and Parsnip Puree

What can be more satisfying than a nice rump steak meal? It’s easy to make and can be served anytime. It’s perfect for lunch and for dinner, especially when served with a sweet carrot and parsnip puree. It’s so good, you might even save a portion for your lunchbox!

Grilled Chicken With Carrot Mash

When you’re hungry, grilled chicken with a tasty side comes to the rescue like a superhero. First, add some flavor to the meat by melting some butter and mixing it with some parsley and garlic. And as a side, we recommend a potato and carrot mash, flavored with saffron. It’s a combo that works every time.

Grilled Chicken, Watermelon and Spinach Salad

Grilled Chicken, Watermelon and Spinach Salad

If you want to eat something light, but also rewarding tonight, you should really try this salad! It has a lot of ingredients and textures, that when combined lead to a wonderful dish, perfect for treating yourself after a long day. Also, you don’t get to try everyday a salad that has both chicken and watermelon in it.

Chicken-Stuffed Tomatoes

They might look like regular tomatoes on the outside, but on the inside there’s a whole other story. After removing the pulp, we’ve stuffed the tomatoes with cooked chicken breast, and topped them with melted mozzarella. Feel free to add any kind of meat or vegetables, because tomatoes go amazingly well with just about everything!

Chicken Pizza

Looking to change your usual pizza toppings? Try chicken breast. First, cook and flavor it with some turmeric, and use it as the main topping. Chop some red onion and spread it on the pizza, along with spinach and mozzarella, and bake it in the oven. There’s also an amazing sauce for this pizza. We’ll let you discover it and be surprised!

Shrimp and White Wine Spaghetti

Spaghetti is the kind of food that you never seem to have enough of? This time, try serving them with some cooked shrimp, with just a few seasonings and a splash of white wine. To make things even better, this recipe only takes 20 minutes to make, making it perfect for those of you who are in a hurry!

Beef and Cheddar Buns

Looking for new creative ways to serve your burgers? How about covering them in a delicious, warm pastry bun? First, cook the meat and give it some extra flavor with barbecue sauce, ketchup and mustard. And to end the buns perfectly, add some Cheddar! Everything’s better with Cheddar!

Chicken and Spinach Cheesy Tortillas

Are you in need of something simple, but also full of flavor? In this case, tortillas are the best solution. Try our version, which has chicken, cream cheese, baby spinach and shredded Cheddar. They’re so amazing, you’ll even forget about beef tortillas!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This recipe is perfect if you’re on a gluten-free diet! Instead of regular dough, this pizza has a crust made out of cauliflower. We topped it with salami, cherry tomatoes and bacon, but feel free to be as creative as you want with the toppings.

Meatball and Pasta Casserole

The secret to this recipe is definitely the sauce – it should be both smooth and creamy to beautifully bind the meatballs with the pasta! Just follow the steps in the recipe and you’ll master it to perfection. But keep in mind that this meatball and pasta casserole has a lot of calories, so do not overindulge!

Duck Leg With Corn Salad

You have no reason to procrastinate when you are craving for some fried duck because it’s very easy to make! Keep in mind that you should let the fried duck rest for about 10 minutes before serving it, to balance the flavor. A spicy and fresh corn salad perfectly complements the strong taste of the duck. And the crunchy skin is irresistible!

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