7 Thai Recipes for a Culinary Journey

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If you’re not making it to Thailand anytime soon, then maybe you’d like to try some Thai recipes so that at least you can make a culinary journey out of it. 

7 Thai recipes to make right now

1. Thai sea bass in spicy sauce

If you’re in a mood for Asian flavors, this Thai sea bass may just do the trick. It’s a 35-minute job where you grill (we used a grill pan, by the way) the fish, then bake it in a hot aromatic sauce. The latter one is as rich as the Asian cuisine: coconut milk, star anise, ginger, and cinnamon, to name just a few.

Thai Sea Bass in Spicy Sauce

2. Thai chicken curry

Thai food usually brings together a combination of sauces, aromatic herbs and lots of seasonings. Having chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables, this curry is a complete meal. If you prefer it less spicy, just use a part of the jalapeno seeds, not all of them!

Thai Chicken Curry

3. Thai shrimp coconut soup

Fresh ginger gives a heavenly touch to this Thai coconut shrimp soup! We’re in love with the result, but if you look for a milder spiciness, use sliced ginger instead of crushed and discard the slices after you add the shrimp into the simmering liquid.

4. Thai chicken with cashew and peanuts

Do you like Asian food? Well, this Thai chicken with cashew and peanuts is full of flavors and really saucy. Serve it with a bowl of boiled rice and eat with chopsticks, if you can!

Thai Chicken with Cashew and Peanuts

5. Mussel and shrimp Thai soup

Are you in the mood for some Asian-style food? This mussel and shrimp Thai soup is ready in less than 30 minutes and is absolutely delicious. Plus, you can serve it both hot and cold!

6. Thai rice noodle salad

Some Thai recipes are actually pretty simple to make! Anytime you’re starving and in a hurry, don’t hesitate to make this Thai rice noodle salad. It’s ready in just 15 minutes and it’s satisfying and healthy!

7. Thai baby octopus

Lemongrass and coconut milk are key ingredients in Thai cuisine. Mix them with baby octopus and you will have an authentic Asian experience!

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