7 Kid-Friendly Recipes to Get Your Hands Dirty

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Yep! It’s a recipe collection to cook for the kids, with the kids. Most of them are short and easy to make and you can even trust your kids to make them on their own. However, we made sure we included some that’ll get your entire family’s hands really dirty.

Kids love making a mess in the kitchen and you have to admit it: it’s part of the fun! Some of these sweet treats are quite yummy, but preparing them side by side with your kids will surely make them even yummier. Now get your aprons on again and trust your kids’ instincts.

Kid-friendly recipes for desserts and sweet treats

1. Apple and Mango Puree

This one looks very similar to one of those baby purees we feed our infants and toddlers with. No wonder this is nourishing extra-smooth and velvety. Not to mention easy-to-prepare and, ahem, so delicious.


2. Peanut Butter Apple Monsters

THIS is one sure way to get your kids to eat fruits! Rest assured that these funny bites will definitely please even the pickiest little ones, so now you know what you’ll be serving to the next apple party. Beware, they’ll ask for more.

3. Banana Cereal Breakfast With Berries

Some of us would always choose this way to begin their beautiful day. Banana and berries, yogurt and cereal, all drizzled with agave syrup. The sweetest and yummiest breakfast ever, ready in only 5 minutes.


4. Silver Dollar Pancakes

Let’s make a few edible silver dollars but with a twist. Use almond flour, too, so they’ll get a certain nutty flavor. You can make your mini flapjacks of different sizes and arrange them however you want, like we did. Use your imagination. Or even better let the kids call the shots on this one.


5. Date, Pecan, and Coconut Brownies

Why don’t you use this opportunity to upgrade your brownies?  You’ll use dates, pecan nuts, and coconut (oil and flakes) for this. Just blend them and add them to the base mixture. Taste the difference.


6. Chocolate Cake Bars With Vanilla Pudding Glaze

The chocolate cake bars are a classic sweet treat already, but you can always find new ways to make them better. In this case, for example, where we glaze the bars with vanilla pudding and garnish them with crumbled almonds and raspberries.


7. Sugar-Free Coconut Muffins

These muffins are indeed the AllDelicious healthier version of the regular milky and sugary ones. This time we substituted the sugar with xylitol, the sweetener extracted from trees and other plants, especially from birch. They’re no-flour and dairy-free, too. We went for a coconut theme, so we only used coconut milk and coconut flour. Yummy and healthy.




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