9 Recipes to Cook With Kids

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Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

In order to be suitable for you to cook with kids, the recipes should follow a few rules: they must be fairly easy to put together, they should be fun to make and they should also be fun to look at. And last but not least, the kid should learn something. We’ve compiled a list that meets these needs.

There are a lot of foods you can cook with kids by your side: quite a few savory ones but mostly sweet treats and snacks. Duh! Anyway, we have a huge database so feel free to check it out after you browsed the ones below. Oh, and one more thing. We’ve slipped a green, more veggie-oriented recipe among them. Who knows, maybe they’ll fall for it after all.

9 recipes to play and cook with kids

1. Vanilla and Banana Ice Cream

Instead of buying ice cream, why don’t you learn to prepare your own? You’ll be even happier, trust us! Not to mention you can change and improve recipes to your taste. Here, you have to blend and mix together banana, honey, vanilla extract, milk, and yogurt. Freeze it (be patient, here), garnish it with grated chocolate, and enjoy it.

2. Chocolate And Raspberry Phyllo Cups

Let’s make these bites with the ever-irresistible phyllo pastry crust. It is flaky, buttery, and yummy. The extra-sweet and delicious filling is made with the melted chocolate and the raspberry jam. Top with refreshing raspberries. Once you’ve made this recipe you can fill the cups with anything that goes through your mind next time!

3. Lettuce And Egg Salad In A Parmesan Basket

If you want to serve your salad in cute-looking and delicious baskets made from fried parmesan you are at the right place. In order to fill them, we recommend a refreshing lettuce salad garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and dressed with a basil-flavored olive oily egg and garlic mixture.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

It’s warm out there, isn’t it? Why don’t you chill a bit by making some homemade ice cream? For this recipe, we’ve reduced sugar to a minimum, and mixed it with condensed milk and whipping cream to create these delicious vanilla cups. They’re delicious when topped with some blueberries and redcurrants.

5. Pecan And Coconut Ice Cream

If you like rich and sweet ice creams, this pecan and coconut ice cream is perfect for you! You’ll find it creamy enough, but with some crunchy pecan bites. The final touch, a bit of cinnamon, also has an impact!

6. Oreo and Yogurt Ice Cream

Oreos are one of the most popular snacks in the world and can be easily used in making other foods. Why not for ice cream, too? This Oreo and yogurt ice cream matches the sweetness of the biscuits with the fresh creamy yogurt. The result is a cool and easy to make dessert.

7. Yogurt and Oreo Dessert

Desserts served in glasses are kind of a soft spot for us, and if you think the same, it would be a shame not to prepare them more often. Try this one with yogurt, topped with Oreos, M&Ms, and berries!

8. Halloween Quesadillas

These Jack-o-Lantern inspired quesadillas are the perfect starter for your Halloween party. With a crispy outer and bursting with melted Cheddar, they’re bound to be tried and enjoyed by everyone who will be lucky enough to enter your home. You can also feed your trick-or-treaters with them also.

9. Raspberry Almond Chocolate Bark

Ah, chocolate! The best excuse to make an entire homemade bark and beautifully wrap it up for your loved one on Valentine’s Day! This recipe is very easy and quite healthy too. All you have to do is melt the chocolate, add it to a tray and top it with fresh raspberries and almonds, and let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

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