Yogurt and Oreo Dessert

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 5 minutes
  • One serving

Desserts served in glasses are kind of a soft spot for us, and if you think the same, it would be a shame not to prepare them more often. Try this one with yogurt, topped with Oreos, M&Ms, and berries!

Ingredients Needed for Yogurt and Oreo Dessert

    chocolate sauce
    4 ounces of yogurt
    6 oreos s, both regular or mini
    1 ounce m&m
    6 boysenberries or any other berries
    raspberry sauce

How to Make Yogurt and Oreo Dessert

  1. Leave aside 2 Oreos, a few M&Ms, and 3 boysenberries.
  2. You will use them later as toppings.
  3. Use a large glass and spread the chocolate syrup on its side.
  4. Add some yogurt on the bottom and sprinkle crushed Oreos.
  5. Add another layer of yogurt and this time, M&Ms.
  6. For the third layer, add the yogurt and boysenberries.
  7. Finish it with remaining yogurt, add the raspberry sauce, and the toppings you had previously left aside.
  8. Serve it cold!

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