New Year’s Eve Starters and Snacks. Ideas for Your Party

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What do you talk about with your friends these days when you see them? If one of your favorite topics is New Year’s Eve starters and snacks ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Did you just decide to throw a New Year’s Eve party at your place? Then you’re probably thinking what food to make. If your guests are friends of yours, we suggest you don’t complicate your life too much by cooking a turkey – we bet they’re bored of turkey after Thanksgiving and Christmas! – or other dishes that are too complex and take a long time to be ready. In fact, what would you like to eat at a party, when you want to have fun, dance, and chat with your friends, in a relaxing atmosphere? If finger food is your answer, then you should consider our New Year’s Eve starters and snacks ideas!

New Year’s Eve starters and snacks ideas


Delicious ingredients all together on one skewer. If you choose to make New Year’s Eve starters and snacks on skewers, the possibilities are endless! They’re easy to make and easy to eat. Unlike other appetizers, for these ones the main ingredients are the… skewers! You can basically put anything on them! From cheese to raw veggies, or different types of meat and seafood.

For example, these prosciutto, cheese, and veggie skewers take only 10 minutes to be ready! Plus, you can also change the ingredients with… whatever you want.

Our chicken and pear skewers take a little longer to cook and they need to be roasted, but, if you choose to make them for your party, your guests will be amazed because they’re sweet, smoky, and delicious!

If your friends are bored after a menu with way too much meat, then prepare these spiced salmon and zucchini skewers. They’re light but full of flavor.

New Year's Eve starters and snacks
If you make skewer starters, the possibilities are endless!


We’ve seen people bored with meat, but we’ve never seen people bored with pastries! A box of puff pastry dough in your freezer will always get you out of trouble if you have to prepare some quick and easy snacks. There are so many creative ways to use puff pastry for New Year’s Eve starters and snacks!

Squash, walnut and cheese rolls are tasty pastry snacks, but also a great way to include butternut squash in your diet. Using stilton cheese balances the sweetness of the squash, making these rolls perfect starters for your New Year’s Eve party.

What about these prosciutto pastry rolls cooked two ways? We think they’re a perfect idea if you want to keep things simple, but we also think you should try two versions: one made with tomato paste, and the other one with pesto.

Homemade pastry strips are always the best, especially when they’re made with different spices and herbs. Making your own dough may seem complicated, but it’s not so difficult. It’s a pleasant and relaxing experience to knead and twist your dough into these spicy pastry twists.

New Year's Eve starters and snacks
Pastry twists are always a good option, but if they are homemade they’re the best!


Another simple way of making starters and snacks for a New Year’s Eve party is to roll up savory foods in tortillas and flatbreads. Wraps are a great way of feeding friends at a party. If you’re close and comfortable with your guests, you can just lay all the ingredients on a platter, so everyone can assemble their own customized wrap.

For these wasabi and mayo beef wraps, you can make the sauce, the steak, and the salad ahead of time, and then let your guests wrap them in tortillas. Don’t forget to adjust the ingredients to the number of guests!

If you choose vegetarian snacks, you should try these coleslaw and feta wraps! There’s no heat needed, and you can prepare them quickly, in under half an hour! It’s a light, sweet and sour starter, just perfect for a party!

These delicious chicken and guacamole wraps are a great option for your party. They have lots of tasty elements like chicken breast, arugula, chanterelles, and homemade guacamole! You can also use store-bought guacamole if you want to make your work simpler.

New Year's Eve starters and snacks
Tortilla wraps with various fillings are a good choice for a New Year’s Eve party.

Are you still looking for more starter and snack ideas? Check out 4 of our party favorites! These super simple and delicious bites are almost as fast to make as they are to eat!

We think these New Year’s Eve starter and snack ideas are enough for an astonishing party! Ask your friends to bring their favorite desserts and champagne! Then, put your dress on and let the music play!

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