Breakfast in Bed: 5 Dishes You Can Make in Half an Hour

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Breakfast in bed

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Ready for a Valentine’s Day with your significant other? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first one or your twentieth. As far as relationships go, it’s always nice if you put in the effort. How about this year you deliver a great breakfast in bed for your one, your only Valentine? 

5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed

1. Fruity Chia Cups

This wonderful dish is very easy to make and it only takes 10 minutes to get from the refrigerator to the tray as breakfast in bed. These fruity chia cups are a more sophisticated version of fruity yogurt you have in the morning. Perfect for you and your loved one on a special day. The cups are made with chia seeds, rolled oats, a few dried fruit, walnuts, and yogurt; all natural and healthy ingredients.

2. Cheddar and Salami Bread Bowls

This is an interesting spin on the sandwich concept. Just use a bun instead of toast and build these Cheddar and salami bread bowls.  They’re very simple to make and visually impressive. Especially if you place them on a tray next to a glass of OJ and maybe even some flowers. Just like every item on this list, they’re ready in just about 30 minutes. You can prep the ingredients the night before and whip them up in the morning.

3. Cinnamon Rice Pudding

This one is so gentle on someone’s who just woke up, but it’s packed full of flavor thanks to the mint and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The cinnamon rice pudding is something that deeply reminds me of my childhood. I used to eat it more as a dessert, but it works wonderfully at the start of a new day: it gives you plenty of energy and lust for life. Pro tip: mix some honey in the pudding, for some extra creamy texture and sweetness.

4. Avocado and Banana Smoothie

If your spouse or partner loves a nice, creamy, vitamin-laden smoothie, then this might be the best breakfast for them. Blend this avocado and banana smoothie for them, deliver it as breakfast in bed and you will definitely start the day off right, as any couple should. This will definitely take your Valentine’s Day in a loving, fun direction. Not to mention a healthy one. Bonus: this is ready in just 10 minutes.

5. Raspberry Oatmeal Pancakes

You can never go wrong if you go for healthy options of beloved foods. Like these oatmeal pancakes with raspberries on top. Oatmeal is incredibly nutritious with numerous health benefits: it helps lower your cholesterol levels, keeps your skin glowing and balances your blood sugar. Top the wonderful pancake stack with honey and raspberries, and take this to your love. The aromas will definitely wake them up.

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