Romantic Meal for Valentine’s Day. Tips and Tricks

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A romantic meal at your place is one of the sweetest ideas you can spoil your special one with every once in a while. If you need an excuse for that, how about the fast approaching Valentine’s Day?

If you want to plan a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day, you need determination, a plan, a menu, and, maybe the most important thing, creative thinking. Once you solve the food problem, you’ll also need to supply candles, flowers, and music.

If you choose to spend the Valentine’s Day evening at home and skip the dinner reservation at the restaurant, then you should make a delicious meal for the one you love. We’ll give you some tips and tricks for a romantic meal.

How to create a romantic meal

1. Plan a menu

This year, Valentine’s day comes in the middle of the week, so when you’re planning your dinner, think about some easy-to-make dishes. You don’t have to work too much to impress your special someone with a romantic meal, but you should also make smart choices.


The first one is to choose your drinks carefully. Buy a good bottle of red or white wine, depending on what you’re eating. Red wine goes best with steak, while white wine is better if you go for lighter foods like shrimp, fish, or salads. You can also choose prosecco, champagne, or make a cocktail. Still, you should also have some non-alcoholic drinks on the table, right? What about infusing water with lemon or other fruits for a nice touch?

Prosecco or champagne brings some sparkles to your meal.

Main dish

Valentine’s Day is an excuse for celebrating love and, in this particular case, food comes in second place. We suggest you don’t spend the whole evening in the kitchen, while your partner awaits in the living room. This time, skip the appetizers and cook up just one main dish. Plus, you don’t want to feel too full for the rest of the evening. Eating too much can ruin your romantic evening.

Your main course should be something simple that doesn’t require a lot of prep time. You can choose to make some steaks or roast some meat, and serve that with a vegetable side dish or a salad. Pasta and fish are also good candidates for a romantic dinner at home if you choose some quick-and-easy recipes.


We think one main dish and a dessert are more than enough for a romantic meal. Usually, desserts are not that easy to make. If you keep that in mind, you have two options: either you make it ahead of time, or you put together something very simple, like a lava cake or a mousse.

2. Set the mood

Where are you going to eat? In the dining room? What about a different place, like your living room, a terrace or garden, if you have one?

While your main dish is on the stove or in the oven, set the table. You should already have nice plates, napkins, and candles. If not, buy some fun accessories for your romantic meal at least a day before Valentine’s Day. Use your loveliest dishes to enhance the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Remember that candles are essential for a romantic dinner, so light several candles and place them on or near the table. Flowers are almost as important as the mood lighting.

Light several candles and place them, on the table.

3. Attraction, not distraction

When the food is almost ready, before you start your dinner date, take a shower and put on some perfume. Dress up just like you would for a night out to dinner. Choose comfortable and nice clothes to look effortlessly attractive. You can impress your loved one with a little gift, just to tell them you were thinking about them.

Avoid all distractions by turning off your phones, TV, and radio, and focus only on each other. If you have children, arrange for babysitting at someone else’s home. Once all the distractions are away, you can focus on having a romantic evening. Playing some blues, soft jazz, or romantic music in the background is a sure way to increase the romantic atmosphere.

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