How to Cut a Mango

Mangos are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds. There’s no doubt that the flesh of this really tasty and sweet fruit is really good for you and your family. It has been found to protect against all kinds of health problems, including colon, breast, prostate cancer and leukemia. That’s why you should learn today how to cut a mango.

After you have cut it, you can eat the slices right away as a snack, or use it for desserts, salads, and even in main courses, with meat!

How to cut a mango in 5 steps

1. Wash the fruit

Always wash the mango before cutting, so that bacteria doesn’t transfer from the skin to the knife, to the flesh.

2. Cut the flesh along the seed

A mango’s seed is flat and almost as long as the fruit. So you must cut around it. Put the fruit on a cutting board and slice the two sides. You will now have two flesh ovals with skin.

3. Cut the flesh

Slice the flesh into the two ovals without piercing the skin. Cut parallel lines into it. And then cut perpendicular lines into it, in a crisscross pattern.

4. Turn out the flesh

Grab the sides of the mango oval and pus the skin part inward and the flesh part outward. It will be easier to remove the flesh like that.

5. Scoop out the flesh

Use a spoon or your clean hands to gently scoop out the mango pieces. And you’re done!

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