What to Eat for a Beautiful Smile

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In addition to the oral hygiene ritual every morning, there are some nutrient-rich foods that can help keep your teeth clean, gums healthy, and cavities at bay

It’s no secret that what you eat reflects both your body and your mood. When you eat properly and feel good about yourself, you have every reason to smile more often. And who doesn’t want a charming smile?! The good news is that nature can help you with this, as well.

First, you need calcium, whose role is to strengthen bones (and teeth). Then vitamin C, beneficial for strong and healthy gums. Add fluoride obtained from bottled water, which strengthens teeth, and even some vitamin D extracted from the diet, which contributes to better absorption of calcium in the body.

Here’s a list of foods to make friends with (but don’t replace your toothbrush or toothpaste with any of them):


1. Green leafy vegetables

Consumed in salads, as a topping for a pizza or mixed in a delicious green smoothie, green leafy vegetables easily find their place in the daily diet. Especially since they are rich in calcium and folic acid, which keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Try this recipe at home: Kebab and Leafy Greens Wrap


2. Yogurt

The good probiotics or bacteria found in yogurts “attack” those that lead to cavities.

We’re sure your gonna love this Yogurt and Oreo Dessert.


3. Cheese

A 2013 study confirmed that moderate cheese consumption can increase the pH inside your mouth and decrease the risk of cavities. This food also neutralizes dental plaque, and by chewing it, it increases the production of saliva, which eliminates some of the bacteria in the oral cavity. The cheese is high in protein and calcium, nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel.

Look how yummy these Cheese Pretzel Broomsticks really are:


4. Apples

Consider the apple as a natural “scrub” for the teeth. The texture of this fruit also stimulates the cleaning of the gums, not only the teeth. If you don’t have time in the morning or you forget to brush your teeth, chew an apple and it will help you get rid of bad breath for a few hours until you manage to reach the toothbrush and toothpaste that you normally use. In addition, you will ensure a mini breakfast rich in water and fiber, which will also remove some of the unwanted bacteria in your mouth and gut.

Time to sweeten things up with this Caramel Apple Cake recipe.


5. Celery

Or your new toothbrush offered by nature. Why do we call it like that? Because the sticky texture can “scrape” some of the bacteria and particles on the teeth, leaving behind a cleaner smile. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, two antioxidants that support gum health. Add celery to cream soups, broth, or smoothies and enjoy its effect on your smile.

Did anyone say Celery Root Cream Soup? Here’s a quick recipe. You’re welcome!


6. Carrots

The strong texture of the carrots also contributes to the cleaning of the teeth, while ensuring a substantial intake of fiber and vitamin A, just as important when addressing the health of the gums.

Roasted carrots are as good as fresh carrots. See how easy are to make.


7. Almonds

They do not contain much sugar, which means that they will not contribute to the formation of dental plaque. Almonds are rich in calcium, necessary for strong teeth, and they strengthen your enamel.

How could you integrate them into your daily menu? Start with this recipe of Almond-Crusted Salmon.


8. Cranberries

Eat fresh cranberries as often as you can, since they reduce the risk of cavities and clean your teeth well.

How about a Cranberry Fried Rice? Here’s how to make it.


Remember, your smile also depends on what you eat. In addition to your daily dental care efforts, rely on the natural allies presented above.

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