Honey Caramelized Pears

Being a seasonal fruit and not being around for long, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try these delicious caramelized pears right now. They’re topped with a touch of butter, honey, nuts, and just a slight hint of cinnamon. Just perfect for an autumn dessert!

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Rainbow Dessert

If you’re always in a hurry, and you don’t have time for complicated desserts there are always alternatives! Like this quick cake sponge with melted chocolate, candies and fresh fruit on top!

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Sweet Apple Pork Steak

We love steak! And pork steak is one of our faves. Besides that, it’s stupid easy to make it! Combine fried pork with a sweet sauce with apple pieces! It’s a perfect taste match, and the textures are a real pleasure for your mouth!

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Jam-Topped Mini Cheesecakes

Who doesn’t like Oreo, raise your hand! Nobody? Ok, then… Who doesn’t like cheesecake? Still nobody? Well, in this case, you should try these mini cheesecakes with Oreo and Amaretti, topped with jam and fresh fruits! We made only 6 servings, 2 cakes for one person. But nobody can stop you from making more!

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Fruit Crumble With Vanilla Custard

If you’re dreaming of perfection, then this dessert might do the trick! It’s a highly exciting mixture of apple and sour cherry crumble with some homemade vanilla custard. First create the perfect bite, make sure your spoon has a bit of both. Close your eyes, open up your taste buds and just enjoy the amazing combination of flavors!

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Rum and Berry Pie

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have fresh berries in the kitchen. If you want a fruit pie, you can make it with some frozen berries! Cook them on medium heat with rum, cinnamon, and walnuts. Put the mixture into a pie pan, with puff pastry on the bottom. It looks nice, it smells amazing, and it tastes even better!

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Meringue Filled Orange

Freshness, sweetness, a little bit of sourness, great aroma, and lots of vitamins! That’s what oranges are all about! Use these fruit to make amazing desserts. This one is worth trying: scoop out the pulp of the orange and fill it up with a meringue cream.

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Chocolate-Covered Date Pops

If you want to keep a healthy diet, take dates into consideration. They’re a natural health booster, being rich in fiber, magnesium, and vitamins. Today we’re using them in a wonderful dessert. Minced, covered with chocolate, and served on a stick, they make for really eye-catching pops. And they’re delicious also!

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