Strawberry Desserts to Share With Your Loved Ones

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Strawberry Desserts to Share with Your Loved Ones

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This time of year is amazing for eating strawberries, but especially strawberry desserts. We think you should enjoy this healthy and delicious fruit as much as possible and that’s why we’re proud to say we have some delicious suggestions for you. 

I love that moment when nutrition and tastiness overlap into a single glorious food item. Strawberries are one of those things that fit the bill and since their time is now, we believe it’s also time for you to take as much advantage of them as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this list below!

*If tragedy strikes and your strawberries are a bit bland, then here are some tips on how to deal with that situation.

10 strawberry desserts to make

1. Chocolate biscuit cake with strawberries

Forget about your sweet food taboos and enjoy this decadent chocolate biscuit cake without restraint. It’s crunchy but also creamy from the whipped cream, Nutella and melted chocolate. Bring some color to it with refreshingly fruity strawberries.

2. Cheese and raisin filled strawberries

In the mood for a fresh dessert? We have a very nice option for you. All it takes is a few ingredients and just 10 minutes of your time and your dessert is ready!

3. Duo chocolate strawberries

Do you like strawberries? We do! Do you like chocolate? We love it! Then, why don’t you try these duo chocolate strawberries filled with milk chocolate cream and covered in white chocolate cream?

4. Cocoa pancakes with strawberries

Love pancakes? We surely do! But instead of the classic chocolate kind, we would rather have them with fresh fruit. If you want to be even further from the beaten path, add some cocoa into the batter or serve them with whipped cream!

5. Strawberry and avocado sandwiches

Here is a quick fix for your morning rush. Top two grilled slices of bread with smashed avocado, strawberries, and feta cheese. It’s healthy, it powers you up, and it’s delicious. There you go.

6. No-bake strawberry and milk cake

This no-bake milky strawberry cake calls for a soiree. Make it moderately sweet and milky, and let the refreshing strawberries do their thing. To make things even better, bring to the table lemon and cinnamon flavors.

7. Strawberry pudding

Have you run out of ideas for sweet treats? We can give you the easiest way to treat yourself. Head to your local grocery store and buy yourself an instant pudding. Choose your favorite flavor (ours is strawberry) and enjoy a simple and delicious dessert.

8. Lemon and strawberry rose cocktail

You may want to try this rosy cocktail on a summer evening. The lemon juice, zest, and lemonade, as well as the rose wine, give it a cheeky, sharp taste. To tame some of its lemony sharpness, add strawberries, spices, and brown sugar, then garnish with mint.

9. Strawberry and chia seed pudding

Chia seeds have lots of health benefits, and they’re also a highly reliable energy booster. It is said that the ancient Mayan warriors used to eat them to boost their stamina during wartime. Luckily we live in peaceful times now, so you can enjoy chia seeds in a delicious pudding, topped with a few strawberries, and sweetened with just a touch of beet sugar.

10. Strawberry muffins topped with whipped cream

Do you like muffins? If you do why not learn how to make them yourself? They’re a perfect breakfast, brunch or snack item. The base for these ones is a baked mixture of whole wheat flour, plain flour, sugar, coconut oil, eggs, and milk. Then the strawberries and whipped cream come out on top and bring everything to new delicious heights!

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