Fight the Next Morning’s Headache With Hangover Food

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Pickle Soup

Hangover food is a complex topic and the range of foods meant to alleviate your hangover is immense. This is only a selection that will give you an idea on how to repair some of the toll the night before took on your body.

Soups, pickles, oatmeal, potassium-rich fruits, and veggies really help you replenish your nutrients and rehydrate. Find this hangover food in our short selection and many more recipes in our database. As a general rule, keep your hands off hearty meals after the fact and avoid too much coffee and acidic stuff altogether.

7 hangover food recipes

1. Fruity Oatmeal And Banana Cups

This batch of 6 healthy oatmeal and banana cups makes for a delicious quick breakfast, a dessert or just plain sweet snacks. Fill the crispy oatmeal and banana cups with creamy yogurt. Top them with juicy fruits and enjoy.

2. Pickle Soup

Let the pickles and the pickle juice do their thing with this refreshingly sour soup. Cooking it with butter and tossing sour cream and flour makes it creamy enough for the most of us. However, for all of you, sour cream aficionados out there, you can serve it with one or two more tablespoons of sour cream.

3. Pickled Red Beet Eggs

No matter the season, you can always make some red pickled eggs with baby beetroot! It’s kind of a classic recipe, but tastes good every time!

4. Egg Salad Cucumber Boats

If you follow a gluten-free diet or you just want to lose some weight and you’re giving up on bread, make these egg salad cucumber boats. It’s the easiest way to combine proteins and vitamins without dirty fingers. Just bite from these boats!

5. Cocoa Spread-Coated Crunchy Bananas With Honey

What if we turned two bananas and a bunch of seeds into an unbelievably yummy and mouth-watering dessert? Both honey’s and bananas’ intense sweetness combined, get a mild cooldown from the seed and grain coating, only to be incitingly upgraded by the cocoa spread.

6. Peanut Butter And Banana Oatmeal Bars

Does oatmeal sound boring to you? Not with peanut butter and banana around! This match made in heaven really has the potential to turn just about anything into a mouthwatering experience. Also, these oatmeal bars are terrific with a light drizzle of maple syrup on top.

7. Hot Banana Cracker Snacks

Let’s mix things up when it comes to tasty snacks and different flavors! Mix sweet with salty and hot, mix crunchy with creamy. So, stack together salty crackers, banana slices, hot jalapeno, and Cheddar, then bake them.

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