Halloween Recipes: 7 Treats and No Tricks!

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Every year, the same old problem: what kind of Halloween recipes to make for the costume party? Well, we definitely have you covered. The only thing you should worry about is that costume

The Halloween recipes we’ve picked out for you can make up a whole menu: there are main dishes, but also delicious desserts that you should not miss out on and your party will be a hit!

7 Halloween recipes to boooo-st your party

1. Halloween brownie

We made these great-looking brownies with Halloween in mind. We flavored the cocoa base with vanilla and topped it with a sweet cream cheese mixture. We chose to color this last one with the hallmark color of Halloween and even created a sort of abstract pattern by blending it with some cocoa mixture. Try it, it’s super easy!

Halloween Brownie

2. Flatbread pizza mummy

Don’t worry, this mummy will totally leave you alone. The only thing it will hurt is probably your diet. But, since Halloween is a once in a year opportunity you can spoil yourself a bit. And, this flatbread pizza mummy will surely be a hit at your Halloween dinner! Plus it’s savory too!

Flatbread Pizza Mummy

3. Halloween quesadillas

These Jack-o-Lantern inspired quesadillas are the perfect starter for your Halloween party. With a crispy outer and bursting with melted Cheddar, they’re bound to be tried and enjoyed by everyone who will be lucky enough to enter your home. You can also feed your trick-or-treaters with them also.

Halloween Quesadillas

4. Devil’s cupcakes

Embrace your dark side this Halloween by making these terrifying cupcakes! We’re kidding, they’re totally harmless. Making them is quite easy and they’re going to be a hit for your Halloween party. And who knows, you might make them for other occasions also.

Devil's Cupcakes

5. Halloween fake pumpkin

How about making your own Halloween pumpkin in no time? From creamy cheese! Yes, you heard me. Mix cheddar, cream cheese and spices together, then wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap. 10 tops are all you need, then refrigerate. Finish your pumpkin by giving it a bit of pumpkin texture with the help of crushed nachos. Don’t forget the stem and there is your pumpkin! Spread it on toast.

Halloween Fake Pumpkin

6. Halloween graveyard cake

This is one of those perfect Halloween recipes. Perfect for bringing up on the main stage of your party, this Halloween graveyard cake guarantees an extra spooky party. Follow our instructions on making the cake and the white chocolate tombstone, and you’re bound to have a memorable party this year!

Picture of halloween tomb-cake

7. Monster fingers

Must be the finger of the witch, or maybe it’s just one of those Halloween recipes perfect for trick or treaters. Don’t be scared by these because the only thing they’ll hurt is your diet. Made from a delicious buttery dough, and topped with almonds and cherry jam, they’re bound to become your Halloween party sensation!

Picture of monster fingers

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