sweet & sour

Maple Bacon Muffins

When bacon and maple syrup are used in the same dish, things are bound to become interesting. And especially when we talk about… muffins. These muffins are sweet, salty, smoky, and when tasting them, they’re sure to bring your frown upside down!

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Mango Sorbet

It’s hot outside, you’re craving an ice cream, but you’re concerned about eating healthy? Make your own refreshing dessert instead of buying it! Try this sugar-free mango sorbet made with only three ingredients! It’s healthy and delicious – that’s enough for you to have it in the freezer all summer long.

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Healthy Kiwi Ice Cream

Healthy Kiwi Ice Cream

You’re longing for a refreshing dessert? This healthy kiwi ice cream is easy to make and absolutely delicious! If you’re trying to cut down the plain sugar, replace it with honey, agave syrup or maple syrup keeping the same ratio.

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Mango Jelly

Now that summer will be here shortly, we’ve made a nice and refreshing mango jelly, just perfect to cool you down and fill up with a fair share of vitamins!

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